A Berber rug is a traditional item of Morocco

A Berber rug is a traditional and unique item of Moroccan decor. Its geometric designs and symbols are imbued with the symbolism of the nomadic Berber culture. Traditionally, these rugs were created to protect the human spirit and body from the harsh elements of the outdoors. The colors of these rugs are symbolic, and depict the beauty of the mountain landscape, as well as the rituals and beliefs of the Berber women. Throughout its history, the design has been influenced by the beliefs and worldview of the people who crafted it. Often, a vintage bergère has been embellished with the symbols of magical rites or fertility, which are important to the people who created it.

Moroccan rug
The style of a Berber carpet is a high contrast, two-toned rug with geometric patterns. The rugs were traditionally woven by nomadic tribes in the Atlas Mountains. The technique dates back a thousand years. Today, these rugs are characterized by thick woolen pile and simple vintage styling. They are most commonly available in black tribal-inspired patterns, but you can purchase them in a variety of colors.

A Berber rug is made from a combination of materials. Wool is usually a popular choice and can be found in both natural fibers and synthetics.

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A Berber rug is a classic object of art. It is durable, warm, and beautiful. Its beauty is incomparable. It can be used as a floor covering, and is considered a must for any home. A Berber rug is a valuable daily object, and a sale of one can support the entire family. The price of a rugs can be a great source of income. A good example is a runner that is a traditional type of carpet.

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The weaving history of the Berber area rug is very rich and diverse. The women of the region have long been the ones who passed down their family's patterns and colors, which is why the Berber rug is such an important piece of Moroccan art. This ancient form of art dates back to the Neolithic period, when the people of the area still lived in tents and tended their livestock. This is the reason why a Berber carpet is so valuable and a key piece of Berber culture.

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