Heritage from Morocco to Australia : Moroccan rugs

An heritage moroccan from Morocco to Australia

Vintage Moroccan rugs knowing as a masterpiece of the Moroccan culture and way of living style.you can simply fall with colors, texture and different mystical symbols of the native population of Morocco. Their perfect imperfections are such a way of expressing tradition, style and the strong connection of tribal population with their motherland.

Different geometrical patterns, shapes and colors, canvas of tradition and nomadic vibration.
The wild range of Berber rugs, get the attention of many collectors, vintage Moroccan rugs lovers and artists that still consider these rugs as a philosophical concept.
Beni Ourain rugs, Azilal rugs, Boujad rugs and much more, from many centuries of existing, these rugs had found a way to the universality, they are conceived for personal use of many tribal populations, especially to protect them from cold weather. The distinctive Moroccan weather gave the rise of these rugs considered as a utility.
Adorned by many distinctive symbols that refer to the geographical belonging and origins, a way of expression and typical language. Spirituality and protection, feminity and much more, a whole story woven with details and pure soul, hande woven by women of tribes, they spend all over months to give birth to these masterpieces, woven with love, precision, and proud.

From morocco to Australia you can have this opportunity of enjoying and placing this historical heritage full of senses and tradition inside your home. Nowadays it is very easy to command one of these Berber rugs, even if you are in Australia and you don't have any attention to travel to Morocco, you can reach them in many platforms and websites that sell vintage Moroccan rugs. Many sites offer you this opportunity, works like intermediaries between the store and you that will be sooner addicted to the perfect texture of the Berber rug.

How to buy a Moroccan rug from Australia ?:

yes, you can stylish your home with these magnificent rugs, it is so simple as it was mentioned in the previous article, you have to search for it in a reliable selling rugs website, but firstly you have to be able to make difference between vintage rugs, natural and printed ones, you have to get information about how the rugs are woven, types sizes and prices.

Making a Moroccan rug :

From knotting to sold, many steps must be respected, the process can take all over months. Natural rugs contain 100% natural wool procured from sheep, cleaned, hand-spun and twisted. After making yarns ad the wool twisted it is ready to be used, the women knott the rugs and dyed the patterns with 100% natural dyes. After this step, the woman starts to cut the rug from the loom and trimmed it with special scissors. the rug is finally finished, they wash it for more than 2 times to ensure it softness, and let it dry under the natural warm sun.

- Different kinds that match your artistic soul : 

  • Beni ourain rugs :

Fluffy and soft, awakeness of natural pure senses, it creamy background color delight your area, the Beni ourain rug is adorned by an asymmetrical patterns shaped in diamonds with black lines, their size goes from big to small, perfect with any kind home interior design.




  • Azilal rugs :

the Azilal rug is flat contains many symbols and colorful lines, big sizes or small ones they are philosophical, the patterns on its surface have strong meanings referred and narrate the won story of the weaver.

handmade azilal rug


  • Bouchrouit Rugs :

so colorful, Bohemian and stunning, made from pre-used clothing pieces and scrab. It adds a contemporary style and gives another dimension to your area's style.

moroccan boucherouite rug


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