Beni Ourain Rug and Moroccan Rug

A Moroccan rug is hand-woven in Morocco. Tribal peoples have been weaving these rugs since the Paleolithic Era. The purpose of weaving them has always been utility rather than decoration. However, modern rug makers have discovered that the beauty of Moroccan rugs goes far beyond their utilitarian use. Here are some interesting facts about the Moroccan rug. Continue reading to learn about the history of Moroccan rugs. It is said that a moroccan rug has the most colors of all types of rugs!

Large beni ourain rug

The price of a Moroccan rug is similar to Turkish and Persian rugs. The price will depend on the design, style, age, and country of origin. A rug with a unique style will set the room apart. Choosing the right size is crucial. A smaller rug is not necessarily a good idea if you have a small room. If you are decorating a large room, a Moroccan rug is a great choice.

A Moroccan rug is extremely versatile and can be used in many interior design styles. It can add an authentic, regal element to any room. Because these rugs are hand-woven by local artisans, they can be custom-sized to fit any room. You can also purchase a large-sized Moroccan rug if you need it. You will be supporting artisans while at the same time saving a lot of money. This rug is a beautiful investment for any home!

The modern look of Moroccan rugs is also an excellent choice for homes with contemporary decor. The intricate patterning on the surface makes it an ideal accent for a modern room. A Moroccan rug can be used in multiple rooms in a home, so it can complement other furnishings and decor. It's not only great for a bedroom, but also for the living room, dining room, or even a bathroom. The possibilities are endless!

The quality of Moroccan rugs depends on the tribe of the rug makers. Beni Ourain rugs are made of pure wool and are made by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains. These rugs are soft and pleasant to touch, and their beautiful patterns will add elegance to any room. They're ideal for any occasion, including weddings and parties! So, whether you're looking to buy a Moroccan rug, be sure to look for one that has a story behind it. You won't regret it!

The Azilal tribe is renowned for the densely-detailed geometric tribal designs on their rugs. The Jbel Siroua region is another area where carpet weaving takes place. The region stretches from the High Atlas mountains to pre-Saharan areas. The town of Taznakht is a major hub for this industry. Traditionally, Taznakht rugs have silky wool and traditional designs. Moreover, they are known for their vivid colors.

Orange Moroccan rug


The Beni Ourain tribe is also renowned for weaving beautiful rugs. This tribe produces the most authentic rugs in the world. The women of the tribe create the rugs by hand. They weave the wool by hand. This enables them to create rugs that are durable and simple, but that still look elegant. This ancient culture has preserved its ancient tradition of weaving beautiful rugs for thousands of years. You can also buy an antique Moroccan rug to decorate your home.

The Beni Mguild region is another area where authentic Moroccan rugs are crafted. The Beni Mguild rugs are thick and luscious compared to other sorts of Moroccan rugs. These rugs are also made from clothing scraps. They can be used both for summer and winter purposes. The colors can vary a great deal depending on the type of wool used and your personal taste. And the best part about buying these rugs is that they can be found in a wide range of colors.

When cleaning a Moroccan rug, the first step is to lay it out on a clean surface to air dry it thoroughly. You can then use a carpet beater to remove loose particulates that may accumulate on its surface. This method is ideal because it will make the process of washing much easier. Then, you can use a mild detergent soap or foam to clean it. After washing, simply lay the rug out flat and dry it.

A Moroccan rug is a beautiful addition to any room. Its intricate design is a way to add luxury to your space. Because the first Moroccan rugs were woven by Berber women , it's important to remember that these rugs were originally made to stay warm in cold climates. These women used their talents to weave these rugs for the comfort of their families. In addition to being beautiful and functional, Moroccan rugs are also extremely decorative.

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