Beni ourain rug by weavers from atlas mountains

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Beni ourain rug by weavers from atlas mountains

A Berber rug from the deep atlas mountains

The Beni ourain rugs, known for its fluffy texture and decorated by motifs mixed and fashioned on asymmetric styles of diamonds, range sizes size from small to massive with black and dark lines.Comfortable and classy, their creamy sandy coloration is so pure and goes perfectly with any indoor decoration: Modern, modern-day or artisanal.
This sort of Moroccan rug, complete of sensuality, mentioned the geographical and historic belongings and precious heritage of the Berber tribes of the middle Atlas Mountains.
In the previous few years, the trend of styling the home interior with the Moroccan rug has ended up being more than an easy article of decoration but a whole identity fixed on your rooms that brings prosperity and the smells of an ancestral background coming from a country complete of records. Completely herbal, suit the soul of Morocco and narrate the very deep story of Berber tribes. Such a stunning addition that sincerely will capture your soul.

handcrafted moroccan kilim rug

The origins:

The Beni Ourain rug is sourced from the Beni Ourain tribes, placed in the highest Atlas mountains. These rugs are handwoven with the aid of the girls of those tribes and used to shield the tribal population from the bloodless climate as blankets or covers to warm their bodies.

Classy and elegant:

Used for protecting floors or partitions, those fashionable rugs have a specific attraction and are cozy and stylish, bringing peace and harmony to the gap. Woven with gentle, herbal, excellent wool from the excellent sheeps of the Atlas Mountains, it's far conceived to complete your interior home ornament.
Wherever it's located, this masterpiece will honestly make you obsessed via observing it, taking part in its awesome tender texture, and feeling this precise allure that penetrates your soul and each nook of your place and mixes more than one senses to convert your residing room into a touch museum of history.
Home-made Moroccan-style rug

A rug on the trend:

Moroccan carpets are generally a symbol of majesty, prosperity, and geographical belonging, are very trendy, and get the attention of many customers, rug lovers, and collectors.invoke peace and delight to the area, many indoor designers prefer to integrate them in the process of styling living rooms and home spaces, describing them as a must-have article that can combine the classic with modern interiors in a very smooth way.

Natural and comfortable:

woven with natural elements and colors, no artificial materials are indeed used; the Beni Ourain rugs are ecological and safe because they contain no fibers that irritate skin. Their fluffy, soft texture is so comfortable and easy to clean.

vintage moroccan rug

The making of Beni Ourain rugs:

The technique of creating Beni Ourain carpets typically takes 2 or 3 months of whole steps carefully reputable to make a completely ideal rug.
Extracting wool sheep is step one of this system; they're sheered, wiped clean, and sourced.Then they hand-spun the wool and twisted the fibers with the purpose of reworking them into yarns.Now the wool is nicely organized and may be used to weave the rug.
The rug makers knot the rug and display their competencies in crafting and designing styles. The next step is dying the rugs and styles with herbal dyes. The rugs are then trimmed and removed from the loom with particular scissors.
The very last step consists of washing the rugs a couple of times and allowing them to dry naturally under the sun.

Durable rugs:

The nice best of wool makes the rugs long-lasting, resisting even within the spaces in which there's the most foot traffic.perceived to be long-lasting and practical, perfect for your hallway or your workplace.