Beni ourain rug - Nomadic life of the women who weave them

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Beni ourain rug - Nomadic life of the women who weave them

The Beni Ourain Rug is an historic Moroccan berber rug that dates returned to the 14th century. These rugs are hand-woven from wool through women within the nomadic tribes . This style of rug has black lines crisscrossing every different to shape a diamond form. In addition, this rug functions flat-woven Zanafi style weaving sections on both quit of the rug .

Beni ourain rug

  • Classic symmetrical triangular sample


If you are seeking to spruce up your living room or bed room, then bear in mind a conventional symmetrical triangular pattern on home made Beni Ourain rug. These rugs were popular among designers and homemakers for years.

There are numerous reasons why you must choose a Beni Ourain style rug. One of the maximum apparent is the fact that they're crafted from high exceptional wool. The thick pile enables to insulate your floor from bloodless winters. They are also known for his or her geometric designs. Some rugs have strains while others are entirely summary. This style is flexible and ideal for any decorating style.

Another popular option is a black and white Beni Ourain rug. These motifs are undying and may supplement rustic or present day decor. A black and white rug will upload a feel of beauty to any room.

While those rugs are famous, they are additionally quite steeply-priced. Fortunately, you can purchase a more low cost model.

  • Black traces crisscrossing to form a diamond form

One of the most famous sorts of rug available on the market is Beni Ourain rugs. These rugs function a completely unique diamond shape and a black linework. This conventional rug is made with excessive-grade wool.

These rugs may be observed in a wide range of designs. In addition to a diamond form, there is usually a chevron or an X.

The high-pile texture of these rugs makes them a remarkable desire for contemporary decors. They also are a great healthy for minimalistic decors.

Vintage Beni Ourain rugs are made to final. They are made with herbal fibers and dyes, and are neutral in coloration. This lets in them to combination seamlessly into present day decors.

Traditionally, Beni Ourain rugs had been hand-crafted by means of ladies. They had been utilized by nomadic tribes inside the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Their thick pile wool rugs were used as blankets and as ground insulation. However, in modern times, they are turning into greater popular.

Flatwoven Zanafi fashion weaving sections on either quit of the rug
Beni Ourain rugs are a few of the maximum precise rugs within the world. Traditionally woven in Morocco, those woolen wonders are the last in luxury and heat. A Beni Ourain rug is perfect for a farmhouse or a mid-century cutting-edge interior. Its woolen fibers are gentle and sturdy, making it an awesome funding for any domestic.

The flatwoven Zanafi fashion is a first rate way to focus on the duration and form of a rug. There are also many different wonderful matters about a Beni Ourain rug, inclusive of the fact that they are made from a herbal fiber and they are extremely long-lasting. They also are to be had in an array of colours and designs. Despite their popularity, they can be luxurious. That is why it's far important to shop round and compare prices. You can be pleasantly surprised by way of the fine and rate of your subsequent Beni Ourain rug.

When it involves deciding on the fine Beni Ourain rug for your private home, it's far always a very good idea to find out how it changed into made. You can try this by means of asking your neighborhood rug dealer or shopping on-line.

morocco rug
  • Nomadic life of the women who weave them


A hand-crafted Beni Ourain rug is a work of artwork. These rugs have been woven by using nomads who lived in the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. They had been made from wool of a unique breed of sheep.

The Beni Ourain human beings are concept to have lived in the mountains from the ninth century AD. Their nomadic way of life turned into characterised through symbiotic rhythm. Many of them lived in tents in the course of the harsh winters. During the summer, they spent their days at the mountain.