Ethnic Moroccan Berber rugs from the heart of the Atlas Mountains made from sheep wool by women berber

Berber rugs from the heart of the Atlas Mountains

berber women from atlas mountains

Ethnic Moroccan Berber rugs from the heart of the Atlas Mountains made from sheep wool by women berber 

Let's not hide it anymore, the Ethnic berber rugs are essential and modern! We can see this in decoration salons, in photos on Instagram or Pinterest.



Attracts the attention of decor and art lovers! It has almost become a common being. common? Not necessarily and we'll explain why!

More than just a simple classic décor, Moroccan Berber carpets are a testament to a strong culture. He is a messenger, a traveler who tells and tells a story about his tribe!

They themselves embody the story of a berber family, a reflection of feelings, and a memory that was released. The passion of a berber woman weaver in the heart of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It is not just a chain product. Not a newly created object in a factory striving to produce quantity while forgetting quality.

Moroccan azilal rugs

No clones will match the authentic berber carpets! Real Berber rugs that perfectly fit all types of elegance, from simple Scandinavian to Art Deco style, give a true spirit to your living space!

Authentic Berber rugs from Morocco continues! Yes Yes ! Learn how to notice it, think about it, touch it, gently embrace it, and bypass the alleged classic being to realize and capture the emotions emanating from it.

We look at it like a painting, a plate. We read it as a work of art. From its dimensions to the type of materials used to create it, everything has meaning and meaning. How is it designed? Why are the symbols and patterns that you place in such and such carpets? What do these symbols mean? berber carpets brings thought and develops imagination.

By talking a little bit about rug analysis, we can determine its source, when it was made and which tribe it belongs to. We explain, we imagine the conditions of its creation, its primary function and ... we travel!

This is the authentic berber carpet! The person who transmits sensations, the person who brings thought, the person who opens the doors of imagination!

Are you ready to revive a legacy from the past?

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