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Buying moroccan berber rugs in morocco

It's been a while since the Berber style carpet trend has invaded online stores and decoration stores. For my part, I love Berber carpets for a long time, it goes back as far as when I lived in Morocco 9 years ago.

The 2 types of Berber traditional woolen carpets most represented are the Beni ouarin rug (black geometric patterns on a white background with fairly thick wool) as well as the Azilal rug ( more colorful with a more short wool). The patterns and patterns all have a symbolic origin related to the religion, beliefs and imagination of Berber culture, which have been passed down through the generations from mother to daughter.


beni ourain rug



When I lived in Morocco, I bought all my decor and furniture in the medinas and souks, from artisans or resellers. But I never had the strength to spend half a day or more in the souk to buy an authentic Berber carpet . I also did not have the budget ... I have no idea of ​​the price of a real Berber carpet sold in Morocco, it necessarily depends on the size, the quality of the wool and the patterns. I think it takes between 700 € and 1000 € for an average carpet, and you will also have to pay for air transport.

Some of you should know if you have already been on vacation in Morocco, that to buy something that interests you, it takes time, a lot of time. This is the negotiation that starts around a glass of tea, you will be tired at the end!
I already bought two wool blankets and a teapot in the souk of Marrakech and that was enough! I do not imagine the headache that I would have had to buy a Berber wool carpet in Marrakech. And then between us, I would rather prefer to buy it directly from a women's cooperative in a village in the Atlas.

In short, all that to tell you that if you don't have the energy or the budget to go buy a Berber carpet in a Moroccan souk, you can take advantage of the sales to buy a cheap Berber style carpet, in one of the many shops online who offer them.
The major decoration brands offer Berber-inspired carpets, wool and / or cotton or polypropylene, handy if you are allergic to wool ...


handwoven kilim rug


For my part, I have two Berber style rugs in wool at home and they still hatch, even after several months! Not practical if we want to keep a clean interior, I have to vacuum more often ...


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