Decorating With Moroccan Rugs

There is a common misconception when it comes to buying a Moroccan rug that it must be made from sheep. This is simply not true. A real Moroccan rug is going to have a number of characteristics in common with any Berber rug; However, the actual material is very different. To put it simply, Berber rugs come from Morocco and they are made from sheep. 

Moroccan rug decor
Most people think that all moroccan rugs in the world are created from wool. The fact is that all real Moroccan rugs are actually made from Berber wool. They are only made by the Berber ethnic group of Morocco. Historically they were originally made for utilitarian reasons and have been used that way today. Today they are seeking after more for their unique look than the utility that they had once provided.

The Moroccan flag depicts five horizontal stripes of red and black. All moroccan rugs follow this geometric design which has become known as the Moroccan Style. These are based on the agricultural and tribal traditions of the Berber people who are located in North Africa. These patterns were originally used to signify the sun and other positive energy from the heavens. Throughout history, this geometric imagery has played an important role in the artwork of the Moroccan people.

Today, the symbols on the rugs have evolved to include other symbolic meanings. Many people find that when they purchase a piece of moroccan artwork that the colors and images of the art itself bring forth other meanings. For example, the green symbol that many Berber rugs feature represents fertility and green is also used to represent the sky. Each color on the map of the Middle East represents something different, and each specific color that is found represents specific things such as a specific direction, or specific objects that can be used for magic, such as coins with magical powers.

The primary use of the moroccan rug for protection of furniture and flooring is evident by the fact that the rugs often come in darker colors to prevent damage from ultraviolet light. This is particularly true with the rugs made of wool, as the wool must be protected from sunlight in order to maintain its natural color. When using the wool moroccan rugs for protection, it is essential that you ensure that they are designed with a protective backing.

One of the most common uses of the moroccan rug is as an accent to furniture pieces. The beauty of the patterns and designs are sure to complement your current home decor perfectly. They will provide your home with a sense of stability and peace. When selecting your moroccan rugs for use in bedrooms you should focus on the size of the area and the pattern of the rugs to decide how much emphasis you want to give to this particular room. If you have a large bedroom then you will want to go for larger and more intricate patterns.

You will also find that many people use their moroccan rugs as a way to decorate their outdoor spaces. There are many different types of outdoor rug available, the most common being the berber women rugs which come in both light and dark colors. These types of outdoor rugs can be put beside your chairs, tables, or other items of furniture to help bring a sense of balance and co-ordination to the outdoor space. The patterns of these moroccan rugs tend to follow tribal patterns and can create an enchanting atmosphere to any outdoor area.

Moroccan rugs tend to have many different symbolic meanings, some of which include the sun, birds, crescent moons, and flags. It is likely that the origin of the Moroccan rug may in fact be traced back to the early times when religion played a huge part in everyday life, when people would take the time to decorate their houses with beautiful and intricate rugs which had significance to them . Today, these rugs are used to bring good luck and as a way to protect property which has been gifted in the past.

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