How To Buy The Perfect Moroccan Living Room Rug?

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How To Buy The Perfect Moroccan Living Room Rug?

The living room is the heartbeat of the house. It's the centerpiece of the family, a room where your family strengthens ties and relaxes. It's a space where you can relax after a long day, where friends rest before dinner for an aperitif. With all the attention in this room, of course, the decoration plan needs a wonderful combination of room accessories that reflect your personality and add a touch to the room. Nothing does that as well as carefully selected Moroccan living room rugs. 

Moroccan living room rug

Here are the basics of buying a Moroccan living room rug

Rug of carefully chosen areas can transform the living room and determine the tone of decoration and other elements such as artwork, furniture and objet d’art.

The most important decision to make is whether you want the room to be more practical or formal. With pets and toddlers running in full swing, durable rugs such as flat-knitting rugs or woolen in darker colors are recommended "Azilal rugs", and tougher fibers that give durability and protection to . If the comfort is high on your list, soft fibers such as lush bamboo silk and the richness of velvet carpets for the silk area are the perfect indulgence for your feet. If you enjoy it often, make sure it is easy to clean, so that it remains stress-free when it comes to accidental spilling curries or wine stains.

Moroccan Living room rug

After you’ve decided the practicalities of the best area rugs for your space, it’s time to shortlist the size you want. A very large carpet will overwhelm the room, creating tightness in space, whereas a smaller one will be lost among the other decorative accents. The table and the furniture are a good reference point to decide. A larger rug which all your furniture fits on is a rather grand affair, or else, just let the carpet stop a few inches before the sofa. Just the right size and colour rug will be a great focal point and a conversation starter.

The most beautiful homes are harmonious blends of colours, textures and dimensions. Let your imagination run wild with brightly coloured and busy motifs in a living space with a neutral palette to create a statement. But in a living room with ornate heirloom silverware and traditional artwork, choose soft pastels and earthy tones to create warmth and depth, without overshadowing the other dominating elements.

How does a rug compliment the other fabrics and materials ' Boucherouite rug ' cladding the room? The curtains, the sofa and chairs, and the throws need to meld together cohesively with your floor covering. As typically a legacy investment, the carpet leads the rest of the décor. But you needn’t stick to the sameness year after year. To spice things up every now and then, you can layer it with a dhurrie or a rug, a clever strategy to stave off boredom.

Textures and thickness too need to be taken into consideration. You might love that silvery shaggy haired rug or the decadent thick plush velvet carpet ' Solid Beni ourain rug ', but they’re harder to maintain and are better suited to floors with less foot traffic.

One overlooks the importance of lighting in the mix. Certain fibres such as viscose are more reflective in the light. Thus, the look of area carpets will transform both with the amount of sunlight filtering in and even with internal lighting—a carpet’s sheen ebbing and waning with the intensity of light reflecting on them.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to consider your budget. Hand-knotted rugs, works of art created by trained artisans by a meticulous labour-intensive weaving process, are highly prized and valued. The finesse of each rug is measured by the number of knots per square inch. Depending on your budget, you can choose a unique handmade rug to adorn your floor, a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art that occupies a place of pride in your home. As with all hand-crafted pieces, there will be subtle variations in colour, due to the natural fabrics and dyes used, which enhances their desirability. In our Artisan Originals, weavers are the master designers of their own rugs—each a treasury of artistry and innovation. Meanwhile, the reversible, loom spun, flat weave rugs are more affordable and lightweight. For those seeking perfect symmetry, machine made rugs offer consistency and accuracy.

Solid Beni ourain rug

The Moroccan online carpets collection offers beautiful pieces to suit all budgets. You can choose between a monochrome painting or a brightly decorated carpet. Or choose a traditional design or contemporary rug according to the overall theme of your home.

The rug will occupy a major part of your heart for years, so invest in a piece that is not only practical but also gives you immense pleasure. The rug adds dimension and personality to your living room. You can install it on your wall or place it underneath - many possibilities for its design. But in both cases, carpet is a thread that connects all the decorative elements in the living room in a harmonious way, helping to lay the foundation of your dream home.