Wool Moroccan Berber rug

How to clean a Wool Moroccan Berber rug

The cleaning of Moroccan rug should be very safe and time-oriented, as otherwise its texture and quality will be negatively destroyed. Choose only those chemicals that will not cause any kind of harm to the rugs. This is very essential to maintain the original quality and color combination of the rugs. In this article, so of the basic tips and tricks will be discussed for cleaning the rugs . 

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  • Spot the Cleaning Point : 

If there is any pet stain or spillage on the rug that has made it wet, then the spot can be immediately cleaned by using paper towels. Baking soda can also be used for this purpose as it is greatly helpful for cleaning the spots on the rugs. After a few minutes of applying baking soda, a vacuum can be used on the same spot. If the stain is tough and the above-mentioned technique is not helpful, then a mixture of vinegar and baking soda can be used for efficient and quick cleaning.

  •  Deep Cleaning : 

The spot cleaning is only working best for some stains on the specific stains. While there has been dust in the air, and we are walking on the rugs and touching them while performing various tasks, so they are getting dirty. For this purpose, a deep and good cleaning is required. If they are not properly cleaned, then their color will also be getting dull and they will give unpleasant looks.

For deep cleaning a good and enough source of clean water is required so that the detergent can be efficiently washed. It is also important to do gentle scrubbing by using a good scrub brush, so that the fiber of the berber rug will not be getting damaged. A vacuum can also be used according to the requirements with high and low settings. The rugs can be dried in the sunshine and they can be hanged on the vertical space for drying.

  • Remove the Dust : 

Before direct washing, all the dust on the rug should be removed by using any towel or paper. The rug can also be beaten for the efficient removal of dust. After this vacuum can be used with a high setting and the direction of its use should be along the short size of the rug.


  • Run Water over the Rug : 

Layout rug in a clean space and let the clean water run over this moroccan carpet . Tall ladder can also be used for washing the rug with water as dirty water will be directly leaving the rug as the rug is placed in the uneven direction.


  • Scrub the Dark Spots : 

Properly clean all the spots by scrubbing with a brush. Here it is extremely important to avoid hard scrubbing as it will break the fine network and will negatively affect the grace of rugs. After cleaning, keep the moroccan rug in sunny and airy space so that the rug be dried in a good way.

If a sunny place is not available then it should be kept in airy space, as otherwise, there may be some chances of smell in it. The above-mentioned cleaning steps are very essential for better cleaning along with the maintenance of rug quality.

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