How to style moroccan rugs?

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How to style moroccan rugs?

There lie numerous ways of decorating your home with authentic Moroccan rugs . These look amazing on the floor and suits every occasion. To enjoy the royal and authentic beauty of these rugs at home decor, and get comfort from them here are some phenomenal ways of designing your home with these rugs.

So, let us have a look at some classic styles with which you can decorate your home with moroccan rugs. Have a look at these styles and try the way you like in your home decor as well:

How to style moroccan rugs?

  • Spread Joy with Oversized Rugs

One of the simplest and classiest ways of decorating your home with berber rugs or beni ourain rugs is to get a classic oversized rug and cover with it the floors of your drawing room. Choose the color that complements the complete room decor.

Moroccan and berber carpets are durable, so one can easily place couch or sofa on the rug. This will look magnificent and will create an exotic sitting area in your home & living.

  • Master the Art of Layers

If you want to get an essence of different Moroccan rugs together in your home decor then layering is probably the best way to execute it.  For this, you can choose two more boucherouite rug in different size and color combination.

You can place these rugs one above the other and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty they bring in your home & living. Create this layer art in the center of your sitting arrangement or anywhere you like in your home decor.

  • Start Small & Decorate Big

You can also try decorating with a classic vintage small moroccan rug at the center of your living room. The other furniture can be kept around this beautiful carpet. A wiser way to do this will be to align the furniture beautifully around this carpet so that some part of furniture covers the carpet whereas the rest covers the floors.

This is one of the best ways of decorating your living room with a smaller rug.

  • Bring Together two Different Rugs

If you like variation then one of the best ways to decorate your home and living is two bring two berber rugs of different design and style. You can place them together and enjoy the glory they bring along for the complete decor.

moroccan rugs living room

So, pick up from the above your favorite decorating pattern and start executing it today!!