moroccan berber rugs

Important Things to Know Before Buying Moroccan Rugs & Carpets

We all love to make our home decor beautiful and classic. Moroccan rugs and carpets are the best way of doing this. These are charming, delightful and comfortable items. Before we buy any Boucherouite rug or a Beni Ourain rug we do a lot of research to ensure that we make the best purchase.

moroccan berber rugs

To ensure this we do things like connecting to different suppliers, checking out the testimonials, etc. But apart from this, there are some other important things one should know before making the purchase of berber carpets.

So, here is the list of important points that will help one buy classic moroccan carpets. Let us have a look:

Understanding Design Differences:

Before you buy a Moroccan carpet you should understand the difference between different kinds of rugs available for you to make a purchase. There comes an option of atlas rug designed by the tribes in the Atlas Mountains. These rugs are more about design formed by different geometric shapes.

Then, there comes an option of Beni Ourain rugs from berber carpets which are light in color and appearance. These rugs usually feature plain and solid designs and a little embroidery. 

Also, there is an option of Tuareg mats which are stitched from the reed and palms and leather of goats and camels. So, before you make a purchase of any carpet morocco, understand your requirement based on these differences.

Decide the style of Berber rug  you would like to have in your home decor. This is why it is very important to know the differences between different types of moroccan rugs.
moroccan rugs

Kind of Material:

In moroccan berber rugs and rugs one will find rugs and carpets made from wool, camel skin, goat skin, cotton and other fibers. So, before you go on buying any kind of rug you need to know the kind of material you want for the rug of your home decor.

The price and quality of a rug will vary depending on the material used for weaving. With your Boucherouite rug pick up the kind of fiber that comforts your living.

So, now as you know these important parameters it will become easy for you to pick the perfect rug for your home decor. If you want to know more about different moroccan rugs and carpets visit us anytime. Hurry up and get the perfect boucherouite rug for your home decor!!
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