Large Moroccan Rug - History and Current Times

Large Moroccan Rug - History and Current Times

If you are looking for a Large Moroccan rug to beautify your home, consider purchasing one from the Berber collection. These large rugs come in many different colors, patterns and sizes. Many of these Berber rugs have been woven on looms by women of the Berber ethnic group in Morocco. Since the early 15th century, when this technique of weaving was developed, these rugs have been popular among the people of Morocco.

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The goal of BoucherouiteRug. is to provide original, natural, and timeless Moroccan handcrafted wool rugs with the highest standards of quality. Each rug is unique and one-of-a-kind. They are carefully handwoven by skilled women in Berber tribes with the highest quality, natural wool fibers, and environmentally responsible, biodegradable ingredients. The Berber rug is made by using only natural wool sourced from endangered sheep of Morocco.

The texture of ourain rugs is generally wavy, smooth and soft to the touch. Woven from the wool, a sheep breed native to Morocco, beni ourain has a coarse texture with a high thread count that makes it extremely durable. It has a fine to medium hair finish that can be described as semi-sheer to slightly glossy. There are several prominent characteristics of beni ourain rugs that make them one of the most sought after rugs in the world.

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One of the reasons why our Moroccan rugs are so popular worldwide is because they have a unique history. The Moroccan people were primarily nomadic people who, in order to survive, depended on sheep herding and the natural beauty of the arid dunes. Throughout history, different cultures in the area, such as Berbers, Arabs, and Romanians, developed different techniques for shearing wool. Because of the care taken with the selection of sheep, wool was woven into fabric and used as luxurious bedding, clothing, rugs, and floor covering in the many cities throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

As the centuries passed, and trade with the outside world began to flourish, so too did the art of weaving. As trade increased and the desert grew, tribes in the area also began to construct fortifications and wall structures to help defend their villages from attacks from marauding enemy tribes. When large, heavy tents were needed for protection of the desert's caravan traders, these large moroccan rugs were used as wall coverings to protect the entrances to the tents. Not only did these rugs provide the cover of a wall structure but they also added to the visual beauty of the tents by lending a unique desert art look to the interior of the tents.

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During the nineteenth century, a French traveler to the Middle East, Jules Verne, described the Large Moroccan Rug as "the greatest carpet of the earth". This description stuck, and now when people think of large moroccan rugs, they often think of these beautiful rugs that define the look of a traditional oasis. The Large Moroccan Rug has been used as an interior decorating accent ever since. Although the Moroccan people do still herd sheep,, which are much cheaper and more convenient to produce.

Large moroccan rugs come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. They can be a part of the desert aesthetic or berber tribes, or can be incorporated into the more Western decorating style. Most of the rugs are constructed from natural wool. When you are shopping for Large moroccan rugs, it is important to be aware that each tribe uses a different type of yarn.

In business days, the Large moroccan handwoven wool rugs became more popular with the Berber tribes of Morocco. These tribes were nomadic pastoralists who made their living by herding flocks of sheep. The Berber people settled in tents, making their way through the desert on foot. Their wool was not only comfortable and insulating, but also light and easy to move. Today, the Large moroccan rug serves as an interior decorating accent for millions around the world.

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