Moroccan berber rug from azilal and beni ourain

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Moroccan berber rug from azilal and beni ourain

Azilal Berber Rug :

This Moroccan rug is known to contain its exhilarating primordial charm, as well as the delicate and soft quality that can add a touch of beauty and joy to your living area in the best possible way. The stunning designs of this custom Moroccan rug are very simple but very attractive. This is what we find on the Azilal rug, using light and nude colors as basic and vibrant colors for the design.

This makes this beautiful rug and gives you a special feeling inside your home
Although the manufacture of this rug and carpets from Beni ourain dates back centuries, these unique Moroccan rugs have witnessed a return to their basic and unique characteristics in their design over the past centuries. The Berber rug became popular alongside various abstract works of artists. These rugs are preserved to the present and can be used as a central piece of art in addition to their abstract quality that can attract any eye towards them inside the room.

Azilal moroccan rug

  • Features of Moroccan carpets Azilal : 

Do you want to know why this hand-woven rug from Azilal before me is the preferred choice for everyone !!? Well, here we've collected some unique features of this beautiful rug that makes it special to look at. Let's take a look

  • make a focal point in your space : 

Well, when it comes to this gorgeous, unique and beautiful handmade Moroccan rug, this unique classic rug has the ability to stand out and create the perfect focal point in your room. It is a narrow, big and long Moroccan rug that can do well to draw attention to this feature of engineering
Architectural or specific space itself.

wool berber rug
  • Unparalleled quality : 

Since this Berber rug is handcrafted by traditional craftsmen and made from pure sheep wool. Therefore, you can never question the quality of this beautiful rug.

  • Can it be relied upon despite the passage of time : 

The high quality and 100% natural materials of this Moroccan rug are not made which makes it a more reliable and durable option. You can use this rug for years to come without worrying about shedding or wearing. Rather, it can increase beauty and increase its value.


azilal vintage rug

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