moroccan rug on wall ? looks amazing !!

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moroccan rug on wall ? looks amazing !!

One of the most amusing things about about Moroccan rugs is their design and versatility which makes them ideal for different purposes. The rugs look wonderful on the wall and elegant . Its embroidery and design really mesmerizes .

moroccan rug on wall

If you want to try the wall decoration with Moroccan rugs, then go ahead . because no matter which style of Moroccan rug you are using it will look fabulous on the wall. It might be with boucherouite rugs or beni ourain rugs or handmade berber rugs , any other style of Moroccan carpet it will look stunning on the wall.

This is why Moroccan rugs have become so popular in a short span of time. There lies a lot of different decoration styles that you can try out with Moroccan rugs . In this article, we will focus majorly on wall decoration.

So, let us have a look at the wonders you can create on a wall with classic berber rug or any other magnificent Moroccan handmade masterpiece :

Why Choose Moroccan Rugs for Wall Decoration?

One might ask why to go for a Moroccan carpet for wall decoration. Well, the answer lies in the mesmerizing beauty and comfort that comes from Moroccan handmade rugs. These are filled with warmth and spread peace and positivity.
Different colored combinations in Moroccan rugs like boucherouite rugs and beni ourain rugs make a fabulous combination with different shades of a wall. Also, they bring a royal and luxurious look on the wall.

Most importantly, you don’t need to purchase a separate Moroccan boucherouite or atlas rugs for wall decoration. The floor rug can be used on the wall as well. This is because rugs and carpets in Morocco are designed in such a manner that they offer versatility in decoration.

Different ideas for wall decoration :

Wall decoration with different Moroccan carpets can be as simple as hanging the carpet on the wall. It would be like a gorgeous painting on the wall. For more luxury and charm, you can place mats or pouf under the carpet.

This will make that entire area adjacent to the wall wonderful and fascinating. If you don't have a Moroccan carpets, buy it today. Choose a rug from the classic collection of Moroccan rugs for sale.

So try this wall decoration with Moroccan rugs . We are sure you will love it for sure.

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