Vintage moroccan rug

Welcome to Morocco the Land of Vintage handmade Rugs

One of the best ways to decorate your home is with Vintage Berber Beni ourain rugs . These carpets look traditional, authentic and have a mesmerizing presence and their style and glory are remarkable .

Morocco is the home of these wool handmade Berber carpets by women in the tribes like a berber tribes of Morocco , these rugs have been a tradition that has been passed through generations.

This is why the vintage rugs from Morocco, has a traditional authenticity and royalty that looks phenomenal . here you will get the vintage Moroccan rug for sale with cheap price and affordable .

There is amazing magic embraced in the beauty of these rugs . So, let us hear what the makers of these amazing rugs have to say about the stitching and preparation of these rugs :

handmade vintage moroccan rug


  • A Wonderful Art : 

For people who prepare these vintage boucherouite rugs preparing or stitching these rugs and carpets is a wonderful art that has been passed on through generations. To them, it never seem like a hectic work to do.

Their designs speak about various cultural in Morocco that looks auspicious. thus, the best way to quote this is by saying, that making these beautiful atlas carpets is a wonderful and amazing art.

berber beni ourain rug


  • Design Resembles Paintings :

The embroidery and designing is very beautifully done that set on the beni ourain rug surface like a beautiful painting. For coloring purpose the makers of these beautiful rugs use natural organic color extracts.
Hence, these carpets possess a phenomenal natural look and beauty that looks rich and elegant at the same time.

moroccan area rug


  • A Lot of Varieties : 

    It might be about Moroccan rugs boucherouite or any vintage rug from Morocco. There are a lot of varieties and styles in these rugs. Different colors and designs will give you so many amazing options that you can easily get the perfect rug for your home decor.

    handmade moroccan rug


    • A Tradition to Pass On : 

    Most importantly, these amazing rugs have been a tradition that has been going on for generations in Morocco. We bring the most beautiful and exquisite rugs straight from Morocco for your home decor.

    So, visit us and experience the real Moroccan beauty of homemade rugs and carpets. For more information please visit our youtube video:


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