Real berber carpets, Vintage berber rugs

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Real berber carpets, Vintage berber rugs

Old and real Berber carpets

Berber carpets, an original piece considered such artwork, are home-made in Moroccan fabric way of life in line with know-how and weaving era transferred from generation to generation.

berber carpets


The art of making Berber carpets

The manufacture of Berber rugs requires mastery of the loom and careful processing of uncooked substances: sheep wool becomes yarn and embellished with herbal colors and geometric or summary styles.

Outstanding selection criteria

symbolic in their styles and hues, are proper and real proof of the cultural range and creativity of Berber communities in Morocco.

Unique and handmade objects

Specializing inside the sale of decorative Berber portions: carpets, pillows, ethnic earrings, pottery, ceramics, antiques, Moroccan doors ... Berbers have a passion for unique and perfectly crafted pieces of Moroccan handicrafts.

Support the experience of Berber communities

All our moroccan rug were cautiously designed with the aid of passionate Moroccan craftsmen and are a testimony to the special knowledge "Made in Morocco," which offers each piece a unique cost.

For original decoration and unique decoration

Since it's essential to feel snug at home, beautify your home and your lawn with authentic traditional pieces to make your environment a warm and specific place to stay.