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Reasons to keep a Moroccan Berber rug in your office


Office decoration is as important as home decoration and it is having direct effects on the mental health of workers and also exerts a good impression on the clients and other office visitors. Some people prefer to decorate their offices with paintings, wallpapers, and other things. But décor with the rugs is getting very popular and is greatly enhancing the looks of working places and offices.


Moroccan rug office

  • Rugs Have Special Use and Value for Offices : 

    The use of rugs in offices may seem odd, but nowadays it is essentially helpful as in the homes and is offering numerous benefits. The Berber rugs are different from other rugs and Morocco is a well-known place to produce these rugs. These Moroccan rugs are a specialty of the Berber people who are residing in the country and they are making excellent quality rugs by using different kinds of materials and fabrics.

    These rugs are made by using sheep wool, and this wool is only obtained from the sheep in the Atlas Mountains. The Berber rugs are getting significantly popular for use in the offices, due to the quality of material used.


    • Berber Rugs Exerts Good Impression on Mental Health : 

      The looks of the rugs are great and authentic, and they are greatly helpful to exert a good impression of mind. As the quality of the environment is very important to maintain a healthy and constructive working place. The colors and designs of these rugs are extremely helpful for creating decent and authentic looks in the offices. Especially the Berber rugs in light colors and simple styles are offering classy styles and patterns in the working places.

      • Durability :

        The Vintage Moroccan rugs are of high quality and are durable and they are not easily damaged even after many years of use. Other rugs are easily undergone wear and tear, but these rugs are highly resistant to the damage as they are made by using natural wool. Additionally, these rugs are made by the Berber people who are expert in making high-quality rugs. Each rug created by the Berber people is a masterpiece and is greatly helpful to the décor office.


        long beni ourain rug


        • Cozy and Super Warm :

          The Berber rugs are made in the Atlas mountainous region of Morocco and they are designed and made by keeping a good level of warmth in mind. This is essentially helpful to keep the feet warm in the winter mornings and will offer a cozy and warm look to the office.

          • Utterly Cool : 

            The Berber Moroccan rugs are very beneficial to use in the messy space and will act as an instant cooling factor for the room. These rugs are available in the variety of colors and designs, so they can be selected by matching with the interior designing of the offices.

            • Layering of Berber Rug in Office : 

              The looks of offices can even be more enhanced by making a layer of Berber rug over the natural fiber rugs like sisal or jute. This layering will be offering a big space and traditional looks and also helps to make a perfect blend between space and tradition in the best possible way.

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              These things will help you understand the importance of having Moroccan berber rug in your office.

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