The Beni Ourain rugs are made from 100% sheep wool and are naturally dyed

The Genuine Morocco Moroccan rug is Hand Knotted in Morocco and is made of 100% Wool. It is in Excellent condition . Its primary color is Multi-Colored and is a multi-colored design. The Used Hand Knotted Rugs are professionally cleaned and re-done. They are great for homes with kids or pets.

beni ourain rug
The Beni Ourain rugs are handmade and are found in the Atlas Mountains. They are the largest in size and feature geometric and diamond-shaped designs in black or brown with a natural tone of white or cream. The rugs feature many symbols and are considered very soft. Originally, they were only seven feet wide. Today, they have a width of about 15 feet. They are highly sought-after by decorators and interior designers.

The colors, patterns, and embroideries of Moroccan rugs are beautiful and full of symbolism. While the design on a typical carpet is often decorative, the Berber designs are symbolic in nature and reflect their culture. As a result, many Berber rugs are adorned with images and symbols that describe their way of life. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs for your home. Some of them are traditional, while others are purely for decoration.

When choosing a Moroccan rug, it is best to select a style that is made of natural fibers and is of high quality. Authentic rugs may have a history of abuse, and it is important to consider the purpose for its creation before buying one. If you're looking for a more modern rug for your home, a classic wool Moroccan rug is a good choice. You can find a wide variety of styles and colors at BoucherouitRug.

When shopping for a Moroccan rug, you can choose a vintage version or a new one. Vintage rugs are usually handmade in Morocco and have the original design. Since they are made from pure sheep wool, they are a great option for any home. Not only do they add beauty to your home, but they also bring a classic touch to any room. In addition to its classic appearance, a Moroccan rug is also a practical choice.

As an addition to its style, a Moroccan rug can have a history of meaning. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages, and the ancient Berbers of Morocco were the first to use carpets to protect themselves and their families from the elements. These rugs are often very heavy, and can make a room feel very hot. Regardless of the design, a Moroccan rug is an excellent choice for your home.

moroccan berber rugs
Vintage Moroccan rugs have the original design and are a good choice for your home. They are made from pure sheep wool, so they aren't infinite or finite. They are also durable, and are suitable for any room in your home. A beautiful Moroccan rug will add a classic touch to your room. You'll be glad you did! Take a look at our collection of vintage rugs today! The colors and designs of these rugs are simply beautiful.

The Beni M'guild region in Western Morocco is the most famous area for tribal rugs. These rugs are thick, handwoven by Berber women using vertical looms. They are made with red or brown colors and are ideal for your home. The traditional Moroccan rug will be a great addition to your decor! You'll be happy you bought it, and you'll be surprised how long it lasts.

Whether you're looking for a beautiful traditional Moroccan rug or a beautiful contemporary one, a Moroccan rug is a unique choice. It is not only unique and gorgeous, but it can add a classic flair to your home. A well-made rug will enhance your room. If you want to add a modern look to your room, a Moroccan rug is the perfect option. The beauty of these pieces is unrivaled.

The Beni Ourain rugs are made from 100% sheep wool and are naturally dyed. The Beni Ourain rugs are the epitome of warmth and luxury. Their beautiful geometric designs and colorful patterns tell a story of their weavers and their lives. Most of the rugs in the Middle Atlas region are made from pure sheep wool. Some of the woven rugs come from the high-altitude regions.

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