How to choose the perfect Moroccan rug for your living room ?

Moroccan rugs are getting more popular, many interior decor designers choose to add a chic artisanal touch,so they choose Berber rugs handwoven and conceived by women of Berber tribes.


living room rugs

the Moroccan rug is known by its varieties, different shapes and colors characterize each kind of it, add a softness and warmth to your living room. amazing features that bring the most special sens from the highest atlas mountains where we can find the ultimate beauty in nature and people. Red, creamy white, multi-colored,to brown and dark, amazing shades of colors that catch the eyes. The fluffy and heavy pill used for snow-crapped or flat for hot weather, a wide range referred to the geographical belonging, each region wove its story, faith and that strong connection with the motherland and the indigenous life.
there are some tips to spot a good one.


living room rugs

what you are searching for?

the wide range of Moroccan carpets and rugs can get you confused, many shades of colors, textures, and shapes can get you lost about what you may be tempted to buy, for this reason, it is important to decide about details of rugs such as the budget, size that goes with your living room and regions where the rug is woven.

Quality of the rugs :

purchasing the rug most be a careful step, taking time in the process is a must, the quality is an important thing, you have to request information about natural materials included, quality of wool and colors.
unfortunately in market rugs, we can find some of them synthetic made from artificial materials, in this case, it will be a completely lost of money, to avoid this there is a quick trick to differentiate between natural and synthetic ones. with a lighter burn a little piece of the rug in the corner, pure and natural wool fibers don't get burnt, in the opposite situation, the rug will begin to burn and emitting unpleasant odors.

Patterns and crafts :

each symbol handcrafted on rugs is a part of the history of the tribes, different and unique these patterns symbolize the very antique story and living style. these patterns are so flexible in decoration however the style of your living room, modern or 100% artisanal, it goes perfectly with it.

Purchase Budget :

the price of Moroccan rug depends on size, quality, and origins, the vintage ones are much expensive.

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