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MOROCCAN RUGS are famous all over the world for their phenomenal beauty and a delightful look. These rugs are warm and comforting and possess a mesmerizing charm that makes a classic presence at home or in the office.

Moroccan area rugs

Moroccan rug history


Antique Moroccan rugs were designed by Berber tribes for the needs of the fluctuating climate conditions of Morocco. These tribes used to travel in Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert and forests of Morocco. For coping with the distinctive climatic conditions they started weaving special rugs known as Berber rugs.


Later on, these rugs gained popularity amongst other tribes as well. Then they became a medium of passing over different motifs used in a tribe to their following generations. This is why Berber carpets have so many different patterns and designs.


Moroccan rugs history

These ornaments are not just design patterns but ancient Berber symbols that hold great importance since ancient times. Even in modern times, many people believe that these Berber rugs are a way to preserve the culture and tradition of their ancestors.

What are moroccan rugs made from?


Moroccan carpets are an ideal addition to the interior design. They offer contemporary elegance with their perfect texture, and warm and homogeneous colors from vibrant tribal traditions.

The process of making these tribal rugs requires about two months of work and concentration; they are woven with natural and soft wool elements mainly from the best sheep of the Atlas Mountains. To obtain high-quality and soft wool just selected threads are chosen, and the next step is to clean them and then let them dry naturally in the sun. Then twisted wool is turned into threads that make it soft and ready for the use in the yarn.

wool moroccan rugs

It takes a long time and a great effort and precision from yarning to the knotting step, when you can be impressed by the real artistic talents of the craftspeople. 

The Moroccan rug is recognized by its wild range and multicolor schemes that characterize it as well as the canvas of many shades of colors that enchant and catch the eye. Patterns and motifs are woven using natural dyes and the wool is trimmed by special scissors used specifically for this procedure.

hand knotted moroccan rug
Finally, when the rugs are completed they are washed several times then being dried in the open air.

Moroccan rugs Different Styles 


These rugs have gained popularity and that is why people began introducing a variety in the design patterns of these rugs. Because of the lack of machines in ancient times these carpets were handmade.


The soft and warm texture of these phenomenal Berber rugs compelled people to buy more and more rugs. This is how trading in Moroccan rugs soon became a major occupation in Morocco.

moroccan rugs styles
Beni ourain rugs 

Beni Ourain rugs are the first choice for many people when it comes to home decor. Their charming beauty and warmth make it perfect for home decor. Talking about these exotic and very beautiful carpets people have many questions about their history and origin.

Beni ourain rugs
Here we will have a look at the commonly asked questions in the reference to these rugs and carpets and answer them all. Beni Ourain rugs like almost every Moroccan Berber rug, such as Bohemian rug, Boucherouite rug, etc. have their classic ancient history.

Why these Rugs Were Originally Made?

Classic Beni Ourain rugs and carpets were originally designed by the tribes near the Atlas Mountains to be used as bedspreads and blankets. This was because of the cold climatic conditions near the mountains.

These tribes never used these Berber rugs like Beni Ourain carpets for decorating the floors in their home. People used them to cover and protect themselves from the cold. 

Women made these rugs as a way of showing gratitude for their families. Hence, they made these carpets with a lot of love and affection in them. This was the original idea behind making these beautiful tribal carpets.


Beni ourain rugs

What was the Design Ideas in These Rugs?

The design and embroideries in these Berber rugs were usually simple and abstract. When it comes to Beni Ourain rugs in particular, simplicity was the key. The idea behind their design was to embroider simple patterns and symbols that held a significant meaning in ancient Moroccan times.

Boucherouite rugs

Colors bring life to home decor. And, talking about colors, beautiful Boucherouite rugs from Morocco are the perfect choice in this respect. These colorful rugs are bright and attractive. They possess the power to infuse the complete home decor with pleasant beauty and charm.

boucherouite rug
If you have a Boucherouite rug in your home decor there is a lot of ways you could decorate your home with. These rugs are the pride of their makers. They are elegant and authentic. Let us have a look at how these carpets are made and embroidered:

Boucherouite Rugs Making of 

Berber tribes are famous for making Boucherouite design. They are made from the leftovers used in making other rugs and carpets. These torn and leftover pieces are then beautifully stitched together and that looks magnificent.

This is why every Boucherouite rug looks really unique and classy. Its texture is filled with mesmerizing warmth. Having these rugs or carpets in home & living is a real delight.

 Boucherouite Rugs Making of

Tuareg mat rug

African Tuareg mats are made of natural reed and leather. The experts stitch the mat with perfection and the finishing of the carpet is perfect. They are available in the natural shades of reed and camel. Traditionally the Tuareg mats were not dyed, thus the vintage Tuareg mats are available in their natural shades.


Moroccan kilim rugs 

Moroccan Kilim Rugs are a beautiful and charming hand-woven creation, adorned with diagonal motifs and patterns, and are rich in colors. The list of kilim Rugs contains many kinds that refer to different areas , Moroccan villages and tribes, such as:
Azemmour Kilim, Boujad Kilim, Tifelt Kilim and much more. From simple red and grey to bright and colorful , these rugs add a contemporary look and match perfectly the interior decoration in any room and living space.  Smooth and soft, they are woven by a slit-weave technique using natural elements such as high quality of wool, cotton and other animal hair (horses, camel or goat).

Moroccan wedding blanket

Perfect texture adds elegance, softness, purity, quietness and peace. Moroccan wedding blankets are hand-woven by the relatives of the bride in Berber tribes. They are used as capes worn by the bride, and are considered good luck for the newlyweds keeping away evil spirits and providing fertility. The can also be used as a source of inspiration in the interior decor, used as bed-cover or pillow-cover, adding charm and warmth to the room.

Made mainly from wool and cotton combined in harmony, wedding blankets contain fluffy lines and fringes on the surface and are adorned by shiny sequins.

Azilal rug

The Azilal rug is a Berber carpet from the Moroccan region of Azilal in the High Atlas, a mountainous area that is difficult to reach. It is not well-known in the West, unlike Moroccan carpets by Beni Ourain.


Hand-knotted by Berber women, the rugs have a creamy wool background, with decorative Berber motifs, abstract or geometric patterns in bright and multiple colors, unlike Beni Ourain rugs which often contain only white and black color. The Azilal rug is an element of decoration for all rooms of the house , providong an authentic and warm touch and color.


These carpets tell the story that every weaver expresses through the yarn which becomes a means of expression. The symbols have their meaning, and the whole pattern represents an idea, a message or a story!


Boujaad rug

A Boujaad rug is a kind of carpet that adds a special touch that makes your living space celebrate a special Moroccan spirit in a unique way. The red background is full of diamond shapes in the middle surrounded by other geometric shapes creating a stable composition. The combination of colors and designs allows this piece to become one of the most beautiful art objects in your home. The carpet features a special aspect of Berber civilization and invites you to participate in the preservation of timeless art

Moroccan rugs runner

Moroccan runner rugs also known as hallway rugs are hand-woven rugs that contain all the charm and presence of Moroccan traditional style, elegance, and a way of living.

Their cozy style makes your hallway decoration project a great historic presence. The runners are adorned by beautiful patterns and historical symbols of  Berber tribes, filling your hallway with Moroccan vibes, softness, warmth and traditional atmosphere.

The corridor rugs add a magnificent presence to our hallways that catches the eye, brings peaceful charm, mystic combination and bohemian touch. Natural materials and vibrant colors will make your guests be fascinated by these masterpieces.


Moroccan rug in living room decor

The living room is the heartbeat of the house. It is the centerpiece of the family, a room where your family strengthens its ties and relaxes. It is a space where you can relax after a long day, where friends enjoy an aperitif  before dinner. With all the attention in this room, of course, the decoration plan needs a wonderful combination of room accessories that reflect your personality and add a touch to the room. Nothing does it better than carefully selected Moroccan living room rugs.

moroccan living room decor

After you have decided the practicalities of the best area rugs for your space, it is time to shortlist the size you want. A very large carpet will overwhelm the room, creating tightness in space, whereas a smaller one will be lost among the other decorative accents. The table and the furniture are a good reference point to decide. A larger rug which all your furniture fits on is a rather grand affair, or else, just let the carpet stop a few inches before the sofa. Just the right size and color of the rug will be a great focal point and a conversation starter.


The most beautiful homes are harmonious blends of colors, textures and dimensions. Let your imagination run wild with brightly colored and busy motifs in a living space with a neutral palette to create a statement. But in a living room with ornate heirloom silverware and traditional artwork, choose soft pastels and earthy tones to create warmth and depth, without overshadowing the other dominating elements.


How does a rug compliment the other fabrics and materials? Is the Boucherouite rug cladding the room? The curtains, the sofa and chairs, and the throws need to meld together cohesively with your floor covering. As typically a legacy investment, the carpet leads the rest of the décor. But you needn’t stick to the sameness year after year. To spice things up every now and then, you can layer it with a dhurrie or a rug, a clever strategy to stave off boredom.


Textures and thickness too need to be taken into consideration. You might love that silvery shaggy haired rug or the decadent thick plush velvet carpet ' Solid Beni Ourain rug ', but they are harder to maintain and are better suited to floors with less foot traffic.


One overlooks the importance of lighting in the mix. Certain fibers such as viscose are more reflective in the light. Thus, the look of area carpets will transform both with the amount of sunlight filtering in and even with internal lighting — a carpet’s sheen ebbing and waning with the intensity of light reflecting on them.


moroccan rug living room
Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to consider your budget. Hand-knotted rugs, works of art created by trained artisans by a meticulous labour-intensive weaving process, are highly prized and valued. The finesse of each rug is measured by the number of knots per square inch. Depending on your budget, you can choose a unique handmade rug to adorn your floor, a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art that occupies a place of pride in your home. As with all hand-crafted pieces, there will be subtle variations in color, due to the natural fabrics and dyes used, which enhances their desirability. In our Artisan Originals, weavers are the master designers of their own rugs—each a treasury of artistry and innovation. Meanwhile, the reversible, loom spun, flat weave rugs are more affordable and lightweight. For those seeking perfect symmetry, machine made rugs offer consistency and accuracy

The most important things to know before buying a Moroccan carpet

Here is a list of questions that you should definitely ask the seller in order to buy the right Moroccan rug with a right price :


Handmade or machine-made?

Always ask the seller if the Moroccan rug you are about to buy is handmade or machine-made. In fact, Berber carpets are usually made by the locals in Morocco both at home and in a small association. They are often created by the women of the region.

hadmade moroccan rugs
But unfortunately with the advancement of technology, some factories have been established that rely on the machines developed to manufacture these carpets in a short time, but they always have a bad quality. So you should check the source of any product before you buy it. 

Dyed or Undyed :

The next thing you need to ask your supplier is whether the rug is dyed or undyed. Some Berber rugs, especially the Beni Ourain rugs, are prepared from undyed wool. Hence, no coloring is done on the rug.

This gives a sparkling natural beauty to the rugs. When it comes to dyed carpets from Berber tribes, it is only a Boucherouite rug that has been naturally dyed.

Hence, ask for this rug to ensure that you get the perfect Moroccan rug dyed with organic color extracts.

moroccan rug dyer

Age of the Rug :

If you are going for a Vintage Berber rug, never forget to ask for the age of the rug. The increase in age usually increases the price of the rug. So, ensure that the seller is speaking the truth about the age of the rug.

This will also prevent you from indulging in any kind of con. Hence, mind the age of the Moroccan rug you are buying.

vintage berber rug

How to clean a moroccan rug?


Most people are afraid to wash Moroccan rugs because they think they may lose their elegance and originality. Well, as far as you have the best types of Moroccan carpets, there will not be such a case.


The original carpets from Berber tribes or Sahara tribes are easily washable. Just a little care while washing is needed and there will be absolutely no issue. Let us have a look at quick tips of washing these rugs:

- Get A Clean Place or Area:
The first step to wash a classic vintage rug is prepare a clean place or area where you will wash the rug. Wet this place and make sure that there is no dirt or dust in that place .

- Make the Rug Ready:

You have now prepared a place to wash your rug. Next thing you need to do is prepare your rug for washing. For this you need to clean your rug from dry dust and dirt. This can be achieved by hanging the rug on a rope and then beating it so its dirt and dust particles leave out.

This can be easily done and will help you get rid of most of the dirt and dust particles from the rug

- Wet the Rug:

Your next step will be to place your carpet in the clean area you prepared earlier and make this Moroccan rug completely wet.

The next thing you need is a laundry powder such as Tide or Ariel as both detergents are considered harmless for washing any Atlas rug. Sprinkle this detergent on the rug and rub it gently with your hands to create foam on the rug’s surface.

You can also rub it with a soft brush. Once it is done completely rinse the rug to take off all the foam from the rug.

- Downy Therapy:

For further softening of the Moroccan rug you can use a little Downy powder. Rub it gently on the rugs surface and wash it off. After you clean the Downy use a little more water to ensure all the chemicals used are washed off the rug.

PS : Dry the rug in sun. Machine dryers are not recommended for drying the rug.

It might take one to three days for drying your carpet depending on the width of your rug.

Hence, dry it and you will have a clean and adorable vintage carpet.


Where can I buy these Moroccan rugs?

Even if you never go to Morocco and want to enjoy the amazing beauty of these rugs, it is not a big deal today. All you have to do is contact the best suppliers who sell these authentic Moroccan rugs online.

People do have few doubts about this. So, let us have a look and clear them out:

Is it an authentic Moroccan rugs ?

One common doubt that people have is regarding the authenticity and originality of these rugs and carpets. It all depends on the supplier with whom you are making the purchase.

To be on the safer side do ensure that when you buy any Vintage Moroccan rug , it has not been washed to look vintage.

Check out the reviews of the supplier to know if it is a trusted source or not. Once you find the necessary parameters satisfied you can say that the supplier is trusted and the rug is original.

What to do if Rug Gets Damaged in Shipment ?

In this situation make sure that your supplier guarantees the delivery. There are suppliers who provide a fast replacement in case of shipment damage. Hence, make sure you are connected to such a supplier.

moroccan area rugs

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