All About Moroccan Rugs - What Is a Vintage Moroccan Rug?

If you want to update your interior decor or want to add an ethnic or traditional touch to your home, you may want to consider buying an authentic vintage Moroccan rug or even an authentic Beni Ourain rug. You can find many styles of rugs, including modern, contemporary and traditional Moroccan rugs, at many online retailers who offer high quality and beautiful rugs at discount prices. You may even be able to find an antique rug that is well-known or even one that is new to you at reasonable prices.

Moroccan rug

Find a wide range of vintage Moroccan carpets for sale on 1stDs. There are 3120 vintage and antique Moroccan rugs for purchase at 1stDs, while also having 5 contemporary editions to select from. The selection includes Berber rugs, shaggy, flat and loop pile Moroccan rugs, including the popular Atlas rug which is a well-known choice for Moroccan home decor. These rugs are produced in many countries including Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Algeria.

In addition to the Berber and traditional Moroccan rugs, you will find a number of interesting weavers. One of the most unique rugs in this group is the weaver from Jbel Toubkal. It is made from wool obtained from sheep of the San Tribe located in Morocco. The people who live in the San Tribe earn their living by weaving products including shawls, decorated beds, decorated baskets and more. Each of the Moroccan tribe has a different culture and the colors, patterns, and textures of their textiles reflect this.

In addition to vintage rugs and weavers, there are other items available that make creating an authentic looking tribal area a fun and exciting process. You can purchase Moroccan lanterns made from animal skin and antlers. There is also a wide variety of decorative pillows, throws, and cushions available for Moroccan decorating. The different textures, colors, and patterns of these pillows and throws help them really come in with the look and style of the Moroccan rug and other Moroccan decor items.

If you choose to purchase an authentic piece of Moroccan decor, you will be able to enjoy the rich history that comes along with this artistry. One type of authentic rugs that are commonly sold is the Berber carpet. These Moroccan carpets come from North Africa and spread from the Sahara Desert area to Morocco. They were originally created for use as floor coverings and wall coverings. The high quality wool that was used to create the Berber carpet was of great importance to the Moroccans. The wool was so valuable that they would only hand-select the wool from animals that belonged to the San Tribe.

vintage Moroccan rug

Beni Ourain rugs are another very popular choice when it comes to vintage Moroccan rugs. Beni Ourain carpets are very high in quality and are woven from the wool of sheep in the Mediterranean region of Morocco. The tradition of weaving these rugs began in the 1500s, when traders traveling between North Africa and the Italian coast brought with them the tradition of using Beni Ourains. These rugs are known for their bold, dark, and earthy shades. They have really come a long way since their introduction and today they can be found in any home decor.

Most Moroccan rugs are not actually made by the Moroccans, but they are often woven by highly skilled Moroccans. This is because the tradition of Moroccan weaving is to keep things as simple as possible. In fact the Moroccans have avoided working with the use of too much pattern or fancy designs. Their goal has been to keep it as simplistic as possible, which is why their designs remain so simple. This is also the reason why most modern day Moroccan rugs use only a few basic colors, as the use of too many colors or complex patterns would distract from the clean, balanced look that the tradition was trying to achieve.

If you want to purchase a vintage berber rug, then you should definitely shop online. There are a number of great online stores that have a huge selection of Moroccan rugs, and some even specialize in vintage rugs. Before purchasing any type of rug it is important that you should carefully measure the room in which you intend to place the rug in order to ensure that it will fit well and look its best. Also, it is important that you should focus on getting the best deal possible when it comes to buying a vintage Moroccan rug, as cheap ones will not usually last very long and will simply not be worth your while.

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