All You Need To Know About Moroccan Rugs

All You Need To Know About Moroccan Rugs

A well-made moroccan rug can last for generations. However, just like any other textile, the act of taking care of a Moroccan rug and maintaining its high quality requires attention. Although the process is not too difficult, it may require some effort on your part and you should know that maintaining the unique characteristics and appeal of a Moroccan rug can take a lot of time. Read on to find out some useful tips for caring for these beautiful rugs :

The fabric of a Moroccan rug is usually made from wool, but may also be made from cotton, silk, wool or other fibers. Different styles of moroccan rug weaving used natural dyes which may be yellow, blue, gray or red. There are also many different geometric designs of the rug which can vary from simple animal and human shapes, flower motifs, plants, geometric shapes, and abstract designs. The majority of Moroccan rugs made in Morocco are made in the traditional berber tribes.

beni ourain rug

Woven wool moroccan rug is produced in the two main areas of Morocco - Rif Mountains and Atlas Mountains. The wool that is produced in the latter area has a higher quality compared to that of the former. To get the best quality, it is advisable to choose a rug that has been crafted by skilled and experienced moroccan rug makers. These people use quality materials and methods to make their products, including the knotting and shearing of the wool, the weaving, the dying and finally the polishing.

Beni Ourain moroccan rug is one of the most sought after rugs in the world because of its exotic beauty and intricate design. These rugs come in three types - the Beni Ourain plains, the Beni Ourain mountain and the Beni Ourain simple rugs . They are mainly crafted in two ways - by hand woven on a loom, or by machine. The hand woven rugs make for a high quality piece that can retain its shape for years; However, the machine woven ones tend to wear out fast because they are made of low quality wool. The Beni Ourain plains moroccan rug is made on an ancient method using pure silk and wool from sheep; The rugs made in this way are regarded as more durable and long lasting than other Moroccan rugs.

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The Beni Ourain plains moroccan rug is made with an assortment of rugs with different patterns. The different patterns in the rugs help it in creating a unique pattern that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The Beni Ourain plains carpet is also available in different shades, styles and patterns and is one of the most popular types of Moroccan carpet. The rugs used to create this carpet are available in white, black, sand and ivory colors. The carpet is available in various sizes, including small shaggy carpet and large shaggy carpet for both indoors and outdoors.

The Beni Ourain moroccan rug is woven on a wool pile which is a higher quality wool than the olefin or silk pile used in other types of rugs. The wool helps the rug in reflecting and filtering sunlight thereby maintaining its color. The wool acts as a natural sheen while retaining its warmth for a longer period of time, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture covers. wool is also used in manufacturing high quality clothing because of its fine, silky feel.

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