Berber rugs Different Styles

It is good to decorate your home in Moroccan berber style. It looks rich and luxurious and is also highly comforting at the same time. The best part is that in Moroccan rugs as well there are so many different designs and styles available that you easily get the kind you like.
For royal and authentic look you can get traditional and vintage berber rugs, for the sober look, you can get the contemporary style carpet morocco, for big occasions and celebrations you can get special handmade rugs , etc.

Marrakech rugs

Hence, for every purpose of yours, you can easily get the perfect decent style rug of Moroccan charm for your home decor. So, let us look in these different styles : 

  • Tribal Rugs

The vintage rugs from Morocco were designed by different Moroccan tribes like azilal and atlas tribes. Tribes usually travel from one place to another in a particular region. Hence, the berber rugs embrace the stories of these different places together in the form of attractive designs 

For tribes in Morocco in earlier times, this used to be one of the most fantastic sources for enjoyment . Even today the rugs designed by tribes in Morocco are simply phenomenal and flawless.

Tribal moroccan rugs


  • Colorful Rugs

For a classic vibrant look in your home decor, you must go for the choice of colorful rugs from the collection of Moroccan atlas rugs. Different colors beautifully mix on the rug's surface forming beautiful patterns and designs that look fabulous.

These colorful rugs are also said to bring peace and prosperity at home with their good luck. So, bringing one from their collection for home decor will be truly terrific.

Colorful moroccan rug


  • Contemporary Rugs

For your office space, or to give your home decor a calm and quite contemporary look and design beni ourain rugs are a perfect choice. These are light and peaceful in their appearance. Usually stitched in wool, these rugs are filled with warmth and comfort.

Hence, for an alluring delightful feeling, you can go for this style of rugs from the collection of vintage rug Marrakech.

modern moroccan rugs


  • Royal & Authentic Rugs

For a luxurious and rich look, nothing can beat the royalty and class from classic authentic rugs. Their appearance is enough to make the complete ambience look rich and luxurious.

So, pick up the rug of your style and make your home decor beautiful and stylish in Moroccan tradition way!!

Royal & Authentic Moroccan Rugs




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