Boucherouite Rugs : The New Trend for your Home Decor

We always look for a distinguishing and exclusive style Moroccan rug to decorate our house.
Morocco being the land of traditional homemade rugs and carpets offers a lot of options to decorate home.

So, for your room living here comes the perfectly beautiful and elegant collection of rugs and carpets that will mesmerize the complete ambience. Here, we are talking about phenomenal boucherouite rugs .

Moroccan Boucherouite rug


Moroccan Boucherouite rugs are the new growing trend for home decor. It is because of the distinguishing qualities and classic appearance it possesses. Here are few amazing qualities of boucherouite rugs from Morocco that has made these the new home decor trend .

  • Bright and Colorful :

One of the most delightful things about bucherouite rugs is their bright and colorful appearance. You might have this rug from the collection of Moroccan rugs or berber carpets , it will always be colorful and pleasant.
This colorful beauty of the homemade rug complements the decor style of the ambience and give it a magnificent and adorable look. Their colorful and bright appearance is one of the biggest reasons for their growing popularity .

woven woman rugs
  • Homemade and Authentic:

Like any other classic handmade Moroccan rug, these boucherouite style carpets are also homemade. Hence, these possess the homemade authentic essence which makes them blissful and charming.
Their texture thus is extremely soft and comforting and these rugs possess the power of making you relaxed and comforted. All, these amazing qualities come in these boucherouite rugs as they are homemade. This further count in making these rugs trendy and classic.

handmade boucherouite rug
  • Sits like A Beautiful Painting :

One of the most adorable qualities of Boucherouite beni ourain carpets is their designs and embroidery is so beautifully done that it sits like a painting on the floor. The Boucherouite carpets will not only decorate the floors but will make it adorable.

Having a boucherouite rug like painting design on the floor is truly wonderful. This is the reason people from all over the world are looking for boucherouite design patterns in carpets and rugs from different tribes in Morocco.


moroccan boucherouite rug


If boucherouite designed carpets and rugs are gaining popularity then there lies a reason behind it. And, above stated are the major reasons for the same. You will truly enjoy having boucherouite design rug in your home and room living as well. So, hurry up and order now!!


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