Buy moroccan rugs in marrakech

Buy moroccan rugs in marrakech

Everyone become in problem when seeing authentic Moroccan rugs front of the eyes , because you couldn't resist their aesthetics , I remember my friend Jessica, who came from America and hosted her in Marrakech, who had never known something about moroccan carpets or had touched it before. The next day we went to an antique market in Marrakech ' Souk ', and as soon as she saw the carpet, she grabbed my arm and pulled me away. Yes,  She simply loved it  but this was good news for me because I had more than ten years of experience in the moroccan carpet and I liked to join her to buy her first moroccan rug .

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The first thing we did, we asked the seller to show us the different styles and forms of moroccan carpets in the market . Then I tried to tell her what is the name of each carpet separately and how it was made , she was surprised especially when she knew that these carpets were made by women in the Berber tribes without using any sophisticated machines only by hand and this is not new things for the women of this area , since ancient times these carpets have helped them warm in the winter like Beni ourain rug used as bedspreads and blankets , made of wool only . or Boucherouite rug made from the leftover clothes and these torn and leftover pieces are then beautifully stitched together that looks magnificent.

After few moments later, she saw another style of Moroccan rug , Tuarge mats , and she said ' woow it's different from the above ' , and i explained to her these tuareg mats are made in saharian tribes with the finest quality camel leather, which is stitched with the tuareg reed. the experts stitch the mat with perfection and the finishing of the carpet is perfect. It is available in the natural shades of reed and camel. traditionally the Tuareg mats were not dyed and so the vintage tuareg mats are available in their real shades.

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Finally, she decided to buy one but the big problem is any one of them ? , I tried to help her and told her that these colored carpets will spread her charm forever in your home once you buy them, but she decided to buy a white beni ourain rug and contain some old Amazigh symbols, in fact her choice was sophisticated especially after she knew can use this rugs in anyroom at home .





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