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Before Buying Moroccan rug !

If you are looking for a unique accent piece for your room, consider buying a Moroccan rug. Not only will this type of rug add a stylish touch to any room, it will also give the room an interesting and unique look. There are several different types of Moroccan rugs. You can choose the ones that best match your room's color scheme and decor. Listed below are a few of the most popular types of Moroccan rugs.

- Beni Mguild rugs: These rugs are thick and handwoven by Berber women using vertical looms. They are characterized by geometric patterns in a red or brown background. These rugs are often used in the winter as they are extremely warm and durable. Furthermore, if you're looking for a bright, colorful rug, look no further than Beni Mguild rugs .

Before buying a Moroccan rug, make sure you've read up on how to inspect it. While purchasing a rug, check the quality of the dye and fiber, and smell it to detect odors. Also, learn more about the traditional techniques of weaving in Morocco, so you can find the perfect piece. Quality Moroccan rugs will wash up beautifully and last a lifetime. So, if you're not sure, take your time and research the market to find the perfect Moroccan rug for your home.

- Consider a budget before purchasing a Moroccan rug. Most Moroccan rugs are affordable compared to other types of rugs. If you're looking to decorate with an ethnic design or a traditional motif, you can opt for a Moroccan rug with a modern flair for example a Moroccan contemporary rug. It's easy to match a Moroccan rug with contemporary furniture. These rugs have a soft, luxurious feel and are great for bedrooms and living rooms.

- Learn about the culture of the tribe making the rug. Depending on the tribe the design of the rug will greatly change. Rugs made by these people are often crafted by artisan women in their spare time. The colors and designs are representative of the many tribes of Berber people. A genuine Moroccan rug will have cream or white colors with hints of black or brown hues. And don't forget to feel the luster and softness of the wool.

- Choose vintage Moroccan rugs. These vintage Moroccan rugs are durable and add a unique layer of texture to your home. These rugs also tell a story of their former life in the Atlas Mountains. Traditionally, they were handmade by Berber women and are incredibly durable. These rugs can take up to seven or twelve months to make. The quality of a vintage Moroccan rug makes it worth investing in. But beware! Vintage Moroccan rugs are limited, so choose carefully.

- Choose a design that reflects your personality. Moroccan rugs have the potential to enhance any room. From a dazzling array of colors to graphically provocative patterns, a Moroccan rug can add a new dimension to your living room. You can use a Moroccan rug to accent a specific wall, or a whole room. They are increasingly popular today due to their unique style and eco-friendly values. So, go ahead and choose the right one for your home! And don't forget to give them an opportunity to shine!

The beauty of a Moroccan rug is that it can be either used to add a minimalist look to any room, or it can be used to add a boho, new-age look to your home. Its intricate designs are both eye-catching and blend well with different aspects of interior design. A Moroccan rug is a great option for a gift or a nice interior design treat. So, consider buying a Moroccan rug for your home and let it make a statement! There's no place like home.

The price range of authentic Moroccan rugs varies widely. They are typically priced in the same range as Turkish or Persian rugs. Prices vary according to design, materials, age, and where they were made. If you're looking to purchase one, you'll want to shop around before making a decision. There are so many options that you'll be spoilt for choice!

Beni Ourain rugs are another popular style. They vary in size and color, and they're characterized by their undyed natural wool. Their subtle variations in line thickness and color imperfections make them an attractive accent piece for your room. Beni Ourain rugs are often considered vintage pieces, and their vintage value can be appreciated over time. Whether you're looking to buy a new or used rug, consider getting a vintage piece.

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