durable moroccan rugs

Durable moroccan rugs

Berber carpets and moroccan rugs are really phenomenal to decorate our home with. And, one of the best things about these carpets and rugs is their durability. There have been mixed thoughts of people, as far as the durability of these carpets and rugs is concerned.

durable moroccan rugs

The major reason being that for many people it is difficult to believe that a old moroccan rug can't be durable for long but you should know the reason for the long durability of rugs and carpets from Morocco is their authenticity.

Let us have a look at it and understand it in more detail :

Made with Genuine Quality Materials:

The makers of different moroccan carpets in ancient times made them with immense love. The materials used for stitching are of genuine quality. There is no mixing involved. This is one of the major reasons behind the high durability of these carpets and rugs.
Because these are made with good quality materials these can also be easily washed, unlike modern-day rugs, in which washing causes color bleeding and cloth bleeding issues. Their authenticity and vintage glory come from the real materials used in preparing them.

Natural Organic Color Extracts:

These are dyed with natural organic color extracts. The colors enhance the beauty of these rugs. Washing never takes away the brightness of color from the magnificent berber rug. Color bleeding is a common issue why modern-day rugs get damaged and this factor is ruled out in the authentic rugs made in Morocco.
This further increases the durability of rugs and carpets from Morocco.

Embraced with Love:

this indeed is the truth. These moroccan rugs are pride and honor for their makers. They make it with love and embrace in them a lot of blessings. Their positivity is something that makes these carpets amazing and makes them capable of being used for a really long period of time.
Hence, the durability of the classic berber’s carpet cannot be doubted.
For your home decor as well bring the most beautiful and exotic rug from Morocco. It will forever glow in your home. It will comfort you and will make a fabulous combination with the decor in your home. So, pick up your style of rug from different moroccan rugs and carpets today. We hope that you might have found this information useful.

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