The History of Moroccan Rugs

The History of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan carpets are well-known all over the world for their extra special beauty and pleasant look. These rugs are warm and comforting and possess a enthralling appeal that makes a classic presence in domestic & living.
Well, these rugs also possess a story of their origin. It used to be now not like, any person concept of starting a commercial enterprise in carpets and rugs and soon it grew to become a subculture in Morocco. There is a lot greater to it and we are going to seem to be into that.

The Need of Rugs & Carpets :

Traditionally moroccan rugs  were designed by the berber tribe because of the needs of the changing climatic conditions of Morocco. These tribes used to travel in Atlas mountains, the Sahara desert and tropical forests in Morocco. For coping up with the distinctive climatic conditions they started weaving special rugs or carpets know as berber rugs.

After, these rugs and carpets gain popularity amongst other tribes as well. These then became a medium of passing the different signs used in a tribe to their generation. This is why berber carpets have so many different patterns and designs.

These are not just design patterns but ancient berber symbols that hold huge importance during ancient times. Even in modern times, many people believe that these berber rugs are a way to preserve the culture and tradition of their ancestors.

Different Styles in Rugs :

These rugs have gained popularity that's why people began introducing a variety in the design patterns of these rugs. Because of the lack of machines in ancient times these carpets were usually handmade.

The soft and warm texture of these phenomena berber rugs forced the rich to buy more and more of these. This is how trading in moroccan rugs soon became a major occupation in Morocco.

It was after this, that  beni ourain rugs, boucherouite rugs , berber kilim and all different kinds of rugs and carpets could be seen beautifully decorated in Moroccan Medinas.

From goats skin to the wool of sheep, different possible things were being used for designing these classic rugs , These rugs then became famous all over the world.

Finally, due to its charm and enormous beauty, these rugs have gained popularity all over the world and can be used in many places both at home and at work , and This was a brief story about the history of these amazing rugs and carpets from Morocco.



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