How is an authentic Beni Ourain rug made?

How is an authentic Beni Ourain rug made?

Beni ourain rug is the first choice for many people when it comes to home decoration. Its charming beauty and warmth makes it perfect for home decoration. Speaking of these exotic and very beautiful carpets, people have many questions about the history and origin of these carpets.

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Beni ourain making of 

 This unique process begins with the purchase of wool. Source of own sheep makers from the mountains of Morocco. They then assembled the sheep for natural wool. After that, wool wool of sheep should be cleaned. Otherwise, it contains natural oils.

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Wool yarn

Then the wool is woven. This spinning process transforms wool. Wraps the fibers together and makes yarn. Wool is woven into yarns ideal for fabric. The vein and deformation are then prepared. When buying a Berber rug, you will always know that the warp is made of 100% natural wool.

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Spinning rug

The next part of the rug making process is spinning. This is where you can see the true talents of artisans. Our rugs are woven with a small weft between knots. Why are we doing this? It creates a really dense carpet.

Dyeing and trimming

Before the carpet is completed, the pattern is dyed with natural pigments. They are then cut from the loom and trimmed. The lint is cut using special scissors. This is done to ensure that the stack length is standard in size.

Final steps

During the last spinning months, the original wool becomes dirty. It is also difficult to attach to the loom. This is why carpets are washed and dried again. Wash the rug 2-3 times again to make sure it is smooth. Sometimes we wash them more than 3 times before they are ready for customers. Then here's the last step. We let each Berber carpet dry naturally under warm sunlight.


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