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The intricate art of handmade rugs was a big part of the Berber society, whose origins dated back to un Memorable times, before history was even known. When comparing the early designs of Berber rugs with those of the first expressions of man, the similarities are quite remarkable. In fact, they are often used as an inspiration for modern rug design. The unique features of this type of rugs gave them an amazing sense of craftsmanship, which is why they were so commonly used as handicrafts. 

moroccan rag rug

Although, these rugs are found on the floors of Moroccan homes, they are more common as wall-hangings. The main reason for their popularity is their aesthetic appeal. Unlike the oriental carpets that usually have an Asian or European influence, Berber carpets come with a unique Middle Eastern touch. Their distinct features combine with their earthy tones to produce a fantastic effect. The use of geometric shapes is what gives them their distinctive look.

One of the interesting things about this type of rug is their wool processing method. Unlike the oriental carpets, moroccan wool is coarser. The wool is gathered in the wild by farmers who live in the arid regions of north Africa. Because of its coarse nature, it produces a wool that is longer than American wool. In order to give the rug its unique texture, a specialized weaving technique is employed.

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The texture and the pattern are achieved by interlacing thin strips of yarn with vertical slits. These slits are called "sinks". The weavers then use a stamping tool to permanently stamp the motif on the backs of these slits. The stamps used are typically in black, but depending on the preferences of the individual, they can be in any color.

After the base of the rug has been stamped, it is often dyed to add color or to simply enhance the unique design. For example, in addition to traditional brown-and-black, there are many berber rug designs which come in vivid and lively colors such as blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple, pink and even gold and silver. The dye job actually serves as one of the defining characteristics of vintage and tribal rugs. It gives each piece its own personality and adds to their timeless appeal.

If you love vintage or tribal rugs but are hesitant to purchase one because of their high price tag, don't worry. There are a variety of ways to find discounted berber carpets- even ones that are considered "vintage" or antique. Antique hunters looking for a good bargain can go online or to garage sales and thrift stores. Many people are also happy to give old rugs to those who need them for projects at home or who want to start a collection.

Living room moroccan rugs

Berber carpets have stood the test of time. They were originally used by nomadic tribes to make textiles for clothing and tents. They were considered luxurious and sturdy because of their wool content, and they were a good investment because they would last for decades. Today, they are still popular because of their versatility and their beauty. Modern technology has also made these carpets affordable for most consumers.

With all of this history, it's no wonder that many people choose to incorporate authentic moroccan rugs into their home decorating schemes. Their vibrant colors, bold motifs and intricate construction make it easy to incorporate a unique look that is also uniquely modern. Whether you choose a basic flat-walled or a detailed diamond design, you'll find that berber rugs bring an exotic touch of richness and authenticity into your home. And best of all, when you decide to upgrade or redecorate your existing decor, you can keep the same motif without spending any more money. You may even find that you love it so much that you keep several around the house!

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