Moroccan Azilal rugs

What is an azilal rug ?

The Azilal rug is a Berber Moroccan carpet from the Moroccan region of Azilal in the High Atlas, a mountainous area that is difficult to reach. Not much is known in the West, unlike Moroccan carpets by Beni ourain.

Azilal rugs

Hand-knotted carpet rugs by Berber women have a cream wool background, with decorative Berber motifs, or abstract or geometric patterns in bright and multiple colors unlike beni ourain rugs which often contains only white and black color. The azilal rug is an element of decoration for all rooms of the house , imparts an authentic and warm touch, as well as color.

Azilal rugs
Azilal rug story

For the record, these Azilal rugs tell the story of a message that every weaver expresses this fabric that becomes a means of expression. The numbers each have their meaning and the whole drawing represents an idea, letters and story !

Azilal rugs
Each craftsman weaves each knot by hand, stitch after stitch, until he creates those wonderful and colorful tribal shapes finished in diamonds that make them so special. They tell true stories from each weaver’s life.

Azilal rugs
So change the usual decor and offer your home a special look with the Azilal rugs that will bring a new life to your interior decoration.
azilal rugs
The best thing of these Azilal rugs can be placed everywhere because they are practical and decorating the place as well , so what are you waiting for to spread this charm in your home

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