Moroccan Embroidery - Unique Qualities of the Vintage Boucherouite Rug

Embroidered Moroccan Berber rugs are hand woven by Moroccan native women for domestic use within the home. The word Boucherouite comes from the Arabic bawat meaning a worn out cloth. This is a very traditional weaving technique that originates from the Berber people who once roamed the surrounding areas of Morocco.

Moroccan rug boucherouite

This type of moroccan rug dates back as early as 1700 BC and is now being made by some of the worlds best rug weavers. This is because of the fact that the wool that is responsible for making this moroccan vintage rug is very fine and soft. This wool comes from the moroccan berber tribes which is located in the Atlas Mountains . This is why this type of moroccan vintage rug has a very unique appearance that cannot be duplicated by other types of rugs. If you are interested in adding a boucherouite to your home or even as a unique decorative piece for your bed room then you will want to consider an authentic moroccan rug.

Moroccan boucherouite rugs can be found in different colors. Another very interesting fact about moroccan rugs is that they are classified as being both vintage and modern in style. The wool that is used to make the moroccan rug is considered by many to be the most natural fibers available. Because of the high value placed on these items many people are willing to pay a premium for these rugs. Many of the traditional moroccan rugs were made from a type of sheep called the Berber wool. The Berbe woolr is native to Morocco and is one of the oldest types of sheep in the world.

boucherouite rug

The domestic use of the Berber came about during the twelfth century when it was discovered that the wool from this breed of sheep could be woven into strong fibers. The fibers were strong enough to be used for a variety of purposes including floor mats and shawls. In addition to being strong the wool of the Berber was soft and had a unique characteristic of curly characteristics. When these characteristics are combined with the hardness of the wool an extraordinary strength is developed.

The beauty of the boucherouite rug lies in its unique knot structure. Each loop on the wool has a different texture, just as each hair in the animal's body has. Due to this characteristic the weaving of the moroccan domestic carpet is very unique. Unlike other types of moroccan carpets the hair has a curl or wave when it is woven. The unique nature of the hair gives it the ability to add interest to a plain or boring floor.

Throughout much of history the Berber tribe of Morocco has been found to dwell in the tribals regions of their country. The most common dwellings of the Berber tribe are clay cabins. The wool that is harvested from these dwellings is used in the creation of the boucherouite rug. The Moroccans themselves believe that the fibers from these animals have special healing properties.

A visit to the Moroccan market for boucherouite rugs will reveal that they are often available for sale as a handmade rug. A person may also be able to find this carpet in an online boutique or antique mall. However, an easier way to shop for one of these vintage Moroccan rugs is to visit one of the online auction websites. The quality of the vintage carpet will be worth every penny you spend on it because it will look beautiful in your home for years to come.

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