Moroccan Rugs: An Elegant Guide

The unique and colorful moroccan rug is a great way to bring true Moroccan culture into your home. For centuries the moroccan rug has been a symbol of wealth and prestige. The rugs were quite popular and were often used in court as a way to display the power of the ruler. Today the rugs still have their significance, but they are also popular for many other reasons.

The rich colorful designs and patterns make it easy to add real elements of the country to your home. You can find many rugs with geometric designs and colors that can be used as borders or even as elements of your own art work. The Moroccan rugs also are quite stylish and will last for years.

Wool is the natural fiber from which the moroccan style rug is made. They are durable, absorbent, and soft. This natural fiber makes them quite affordable floor coverings woven right into the carpet. They will last for years and can even be handed down through several generations.

The construction of these rugs is based on their unique knot construction. This makes the rug strong and resistant to wear and tear. They are usually made with high quality materials that are made from the wool of pure sheep wool. A genuine moroccan rug is made only from 100% pure wool. There are some cheaper imitations that may look very similar but they are not authentic.

In addition to the wool that makes up the moroccan rugs, there are several other components that make this type of carpet so special. The knots are actually tightly pulled with a series of woolen bars . This ensures that no moisture will get through the rug as it is being installed. This is what makes this rug such a wonderful choice in an Berber decor home.

When looking for authentic moroccan rugs you want to find well known weavers who can authentically weave the wool. You may also be able to locate some fairly cheap moroccan rugs online. If you do decide to buy online, make sure that you check the weavers credentials and verify their reputation. Often you can find honest, ethical weavers who will offer you a fair price.

There are several sub-tribes of the Berber tribe. These include: the boujaad, Beni Ourain, taznakht, and azilal. All of these tribes are known for their unique designs and artwork when it comes to handmade rugs. For example, the Azilal tribe is known for their colorful, bold, and vibrant rugs. The Boujaad tribe is known for their lush, luxurious, and traditional moroccan berber rugs.

The Beni Ourain tribe is known for their colorful, modernistic and bold colors. The Beni Ourain tribe originated in Morocco. Their area rug was very useful and advantageous in the agricultural field as they were the first ones to develop plowing machinery. Another cool factor about the moroccan rugs is that they are made with a sheep's wool. This means that the rug is woven with organic materials

The taznakht tribe is well known for their unique, eye-catching, and bold patterns and colors. Their area rugs were used to make bed covers and mats. Their woven rugs have been categorized into geometric patterns, floral designs, and abstract designs. All the patterns and colors found in these rugs have been inspired by nature, art, and human imagination.

berber tribal rug
The Azilal are also known for their modern and intricate designs. They mainly use red and black yarn which are dyed to create a brilliant orange color. The bouquet rouge is characterized by a looped carpet which has a flower or small leaves in the middle of it. This pattern was inspired by nature, geometric shapes, and human imagination. The most common colors of this type of rugs are red and black.

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