Moroccan rugs form tribes to cities

Moroccan rugs form tribes to cities

Due to the fact that they are made in tribes and rural areas people might think that Moroccan rugs are most popular in these area but the truth is far from that, Moroccan rugs actually shine in urban areas which is expected since they have the upper hand in terms of the ability of marketing products and in terms of the quantity of tourists which are the main audience for these rugs. 

Moroccan rug , berber rug

So let’s talk a little bit more about these rugs, in general what is a rug or even a better question will be what does a rug represent in the first place, so in ancient times there were these civilizations of long ago that in order to preserve their knowledge or better say in order to tell their stories they create these art pieces such as pottery, drawings ,sculptures ,rugs…etc which contain in them the knowledge and history and traditions of these people, represented in a beautiful and artistic way full of colors, different patterns, and multiples shapes to create a beautiful vintage piece of art. 

It goes without saying that Moroccan rug are known for there vast collection and distinct rugs, form contemporary and Azilal rug known for there bold colors and dazzling design to Beni Ourain rug with there calm and soothing vibe and there trellis like outline to even Boucherouite rug with there unique texture composed of Different clothing scraps to recreate a beautiful and unique looking rug.  

Traditionally Moroccan rugs were purely made out of sheep wool in different piles and thickness depending on the region. So you would find thicker piles of wool in the snowy Atlas Mountains, but lighter flat woven rugs on the other side suiting the Sahara desert’s hot climate.

It's weird to think of it, that these rugs were originally just made in families just as a tradition but got so popular and so trendy to global scale, and now you can find these beautiful rugs in almost any country, and used in so many different styles of decor. 

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