Moroccan rugs, the canvas of the indigenous history of morocco, a wide range of carpets adorned by symbols and patterns that reflects the identity, woven with passion and the ultimate pride of belonging.
In this article, we are going to introduce one of the most magnificent carpets known by its different shapes, shades of colors and flexibility in decoration. The Berber rugs are such a strong incarnation of the long and ancient history of Berber tribes that differs from region to another region, stories of the very deep morocco in the highest mountains of the atlas.

Vintage berber rugs

berber rugs


Beni Ourain rugs :

The Beni Ourain rug is a magnificent heavy pill rug, warm natural wool wit its creamy color, the first usage of these carpet wad destinated to by the tribes to protect them from the cold weather and useful for snow_capped that the atlas regions are known by.wooven by women,they allow to their creation and and infuse elements from their Quotidien life,shape it into patterns and design.

The history :

the rug of Beni Ourain is a brief incarnation of the history of native people of these tribes, it speaks their lifestyle, adventures and narrates the very old story of these people.all motifs figured on these rugs reflect and remain the strong connection with their identity and origins.Wool rugs

Natural and original wool :

From sheep of the Atlas mountains, wool is extracted, a natural with high quality, cleaned, and hand-spun from women, transforming the wool into threads.
after this process, women or craftspeople knot the rug, to make the carpet more durable and high quality. the next step consists on dyeing and trimming the carpets with natural dyes and trimmed with scissors.after the period of knotting, the carpets get washed and dried again.

A whole process to make a lightful masterpiece, that brings warmness and the nomadic lifestyle of Berber tribes, authentic and artisanal can be placed on both artisanal and moderne interior decor.softness and elegance are the words spoken by these rugs used for covering floor or wall,it will add a special touch to your rooms and area, and bring the sens and features of the Moroccan diversity and charming lifestyle, and history of Berber native people. woven by artistic and loving hands from women that spend entier months to produce this artistic historical heritage.

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