Shop Vintage Moroccan Rug & Carpet Selection

Shop Vintage Moroccan Rug & Carpet Selection

Whether you are looking for a vintage Moroccan rug for your home or you want to give your guests the gift of Morocco, you will find a variety of different rugs to choose from at our store. We carry a wide variety of rugs by Azilal, Boucherouite, and Beni Ourain. We are also happy to customize your rugs to fit your tastes and needs.

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Beni Ourain rugs

Authentic vintage Moroccan rugs and carpets can add a sophisticated touch to any room. They are neutral in coloration, but often feature chic and modern elements. These unique pieces are woven with beautiful elements and rich textures.

Beni Ourain rugs are among the most sought after pieces today. These rugs are woven by the Berber tribes of Morocco. Their sheep produce high-grade wool, which is then doubled in length when sheared. This wool is soft and hairy. They are known for their geometric patterns. They were originally crafted to serve as bed spreads, but they are also perfect for use in modern decors.

Beni Ourain rugs incorporate spirituality, beliefs, and rural life into their designs. They are usually abstract in nature, with characters from the Ancient Berber alphabet, lucky charms, and other symbols.

Boucherouite rugs

Often known as Boucherouites, these carpets are handmade by Moroccan women. They have a unique look, and they have a variety of patterns and colors. They are a beautiful addition to any interior.

These rugs have become popular around the world, and they have been featured in luxurious hotels. They are also used in high-end European homes. They are ideal for a bohemian or eco-friendly style.

These rugs are created by Berber women who weave them out of scraps of wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. These women follow ancient traditions. Their designs have asymmetrical shapes and vibrant colors. They are often free-form, and their patterns reflect their fancies.

They are known for their pointillist speckling, nested diamonds, and zigzag bars. Their patterns are asymmetrical, and they can often contain more than one weaver working on the same piece.

Azilal rugs

Authentic Azilal rugs are handcrafted by Berber women from the high Atlas Mountains. This is an art form that combines traditional weaving strategies with the use of colorful wool.

The motifs on the rugs feature geometric patterns and abstract dashes of bold colors. The colors play a vital role in the storytelling of the rug. This is a beautiful work of art that can bring an exotic look to any home decor.

The materials that are used to create the rug are all natural. The wool used to make these rugs is of good quality and is able to produce soft, lustrous rugs. Depending on the complexity of the design, the rug may take months to finish.

The weaver of an Azilal rug will pay close attention to the individual fibers and the finishing touches. Each color has a special meaning in the Berber culture.

Ready to ship Rugs
Whether you're shopping for a vintage rug or brand new, Boucherouite Rug is one of the best places to shop. Unlike many home stores, this online company sells hand-knotted rugs and new designer styles at affordable prices.

The company's team scour the markets of Morocco to find authentic, handmade rugs. They then carefully clean and restore them, before selling them to customers. You can browse their collection by color, style, country of origin, and age.

The company's product pages are filled with helpful information, including step-by-step instructions on how to clean and dye the rugs. You can also receive a free design consultation.

Vintage rugs

Choosing a good vintage Moroccan rug can be a daunting task. The good news is that there are a number of sites that have a great selection of high quality antique and modern area rugs. Among the best are the sites Tuaregmats and Boucherouiterug.

As you'd expect, the prices of these rugs vary greatly. For instance, a small (1.7 inches wide) rug . However, a large (four feet wide) carpet . The average price of a modern Moroccan area rug is around three hundred dollars, with the highest exemplars going for well over five hundred. The vintage rugs have a longer shelf life and they're generally made of cotton, wool, and fabric.
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