Solid Moroccan rug - Wool berber carpet

Hand knotted solid beni ourain rug by berber women

Regardless of the qualities of the Moroccan rug, it also depends on your desire. You might want to beat a cold winter. Or, you may need a vibrant piece of art that can complement your room's artistic theme.

Moroccan rug solid
A solid rug can be the perfect choice for you. This is a Berber rug made from traditional Moroccan weaving techniques. This will add a new antique touch to your place. The technology of design and texture makes it comfortable and elegant at the same time so you can keep it in any room you want and it also helps

It can be placed as a central piece in your living room and you can put it in your bedroom if you wish. They will perfectly fit your room's theme because they are made of dyed wool that blends easily into any environment

  • Quality techniques and carpet weaving : 

If you are concerned about the quality of thisBerber rug, the color of our Beni ourain carpet, and the reliability of Beni Ourain rug. Then you don't need to worry about any of these things because this rug is made of 100% natural wool which makes it the best choice for anyone.

handmade moroccan rug



  • The color quality of this rug : 

The color and patterns of this rug are very attractive to the eye that anyone sees, adores and easily matches any environment. Wool is dyed in some of the finest fabric dyes that ensure that its colors will not fade even after years of rough use. Since the rug is made using Moroccan techniques, it is not necessary to worry about the colors of this rug.

  • Special weaving techniques : 

The peculiarity of this rug is that it was made with Moroccan antique techniques. These people have some very special tricks and techniques that they obtained from their predecessors. Using these techniques makes this rug so special and solid

moroccan rug solid wool beni ourain berber rug


Since the rug is completely handcrafted and the techniques used to make the rug are only known to people from within Morocco, it is very difficult to obtain this rug. But this is a great opportunity for you to get this rug from almost any part of the world.

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