The Amazigh Culture in Moroccan Rugs

The Amazigh Culture in Moroccan Rugs

A moroccan rug is a textile that is made from the fibers obtained from the wool of animals . The fibers are twisted and knotted, producing a soft durable fabric. These rugs can be used for wall decoration and even floor covering. They are unique because of the way they are woven, the way they are decorated and the colors that are used.

beni ourain rug
For over four thousand years, moroccan tribal rugs have helped produce a cultural art form in the North Africa. These rugs were woven for utility as well as for beauty. They were made in many styles and with many different patterns to create bold geometric patterns that are characteristic of the Berber culture. During the middle-20th century, many of these rugs were reproduced and were then exported to Europe, which led to their popularity.

A detailed description of these rugs can be very difficult to understand without an example. The best way to learn about the history of the moroccan rug is to visit its original place of origin. There, you will be able to see how the wool is gathered, spun and weaved. This is the best way to get a complete idea of the texture, quality and colors of each type of rug.

The best way to learn about the quality and colors of moroccan rugs is to go on a trip to a moroccan mountain house or to an area that is known for its wool production. This is especially true for Beni ourain rug that are often made by families with family tradition and work ethic.

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Wool is the most valuable moroccan rug material. Most moroccan rug makers specialize in weaving this quality fabric which is used to make floor covering, bed covers, carpeting and even shawls. Although some people believe that wool is more expensive than silk, the truth is that quality moroccan wool is far cheaper than the silk or artificial fibers.

It is important to understand the weaving traditions and techniques when choosing a moroccan rug. Although many of the symbols of berber are created from pre-Christian times, the basic weaving traditions have remained largely unchanged for centuries. Many scholars believe the origin of the Moroccan rug may be traced back to the Berber culture which existed in North Africa many centuries before Islam. In addition, the use of color in moroccan artwork has changed over the years. Dark shades were adopted in the past century as traditional Moroccan decorating; however, more vibrant colors, like red and orange, are gaining popularity.

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