Wedding Blankets as Moroccan rug

Wedding blankets (also known as a Handira blanket or even Handira throw) have a long and esteemed history to them, which is not a surprise seeing as they are part of the Moroccan furniture, a country known to have a deep history embedded in their products. So what's the history behind a Moroccan blanket ? 

Wedding blankets


Moroccan weddings Blankets were traditionally made for the bride to be worn at her wedding in fact it was an essential piece to her outfit, numerous Berber mothers start weaving there daughters wedding blanket while they are still young that is so that girl gets familiar with her blanket and used to it, but these blankets are usually handmade by the bride’s female companions preceding her wedding, months before the wedding the tribal women would gather to decorate there bride’s blanket (usually with mirrored sequins and embroidery) and at the same time they present her with advice and encouraging words towards her new life as a future wife.

The Handira is also known to hold a spiritual value to the husband and wife, for the fact that in addition of being made by the bride’s family members, women known to bring good fortune also practice in the making of the blanket, the sequins are supposed to keep the bad eye away form the husband and his wife in addition to keeping them safe from bad omen. 

Moroccan Blankets normally come in white and creamy colors, but that doesn’t mean its the only options you have, they can also come in different colors, different patterns, decorative styles, so every blanket gives off a different story to it and ads a new atmosphere or aura if you would like to the room. 

So style, charm, beautiful romantic background, amazing quality, anything that you would possibly desire in a blanket the Moroccan Handira has it all.

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