What You Should Know About Moroccan Rugs

What You Should Know About Moroccan Rugs

A well-made Moroccan rug can add to the decor and aesthetics of a home or even an office. This is why they are considered as art pieces and not just ordinary home articles. This is also why they are usually expensive as well. There are, however, some ways to get your hands on a beautiful Moroccan rug for a reasonable price.

The most popular moroccan rug styles are the square, round, rectangle, and the oblong. Moroccan rugs are undoubtedly the oldest weaved carpets, rugs, and garments that have ever been hand woven in Morocco. Traditionally, Moroccan rug makers weave rugs for utility rather than for aesthetic purposes.

There are two types of moroccan rugs : natural wool and synthetic. Natural wool rugs are softer and longer lasting than synthetic ones. They are also easier to clean and repair. Since natural wool is much heavier, it's more difficult to move and place it in different positions. It can be much harder to obtain than its synthetic counterpart.

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These rugs vary in price depending on the quality, craftsmanship, size, age and origin. Since they are woven on basic looms, they usually require less weaving skill than machine-made products. Most moroccan rugs today are machine-made and made from synthetic materials such as wool and kilim.

Azilal moroccan rugs use wool yarn, but they may also use silk fibers. They are known for their vivid color and bold patterns. Azilal rug is usually found in shades of Red, Green and Blue. There is an association that the name Azilal comes from a berber tribes .

The wool Moroccan rug are available in a variety of textures, designs, shades and colors. They can be found almost everywhere in the Morocco including the berber carpet shops and berber tribes markets. However, some people prefer the natural look and feel of the natural moroccan rug because of its authenticity and the fact that they are able to touch and feel the texture and quality of the rug themselves.

There are many advantages of the moroccan weaving technique. First of all, they are better absorbent than synthetic wool, which enables them to be softer and thus able to hold the shape of the carpet. Second of all, they are more resistant to sunlight damage. In addition to this, they are durable and can also last for a longer period of time compared to other kinds of carpets. They are also affordable and easy to maintain, making them ideal for homes in hot climates where the heat can cause the colors of the carpets to fade.

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Because the Moroccan Berber rugs are produced in the high atlas mountains, they can only be found in very few places around the world. Usually, you will find them in the berber regions or in the old cities of Morocco. They are famous for their bright colors, especially when they are dyed with bright colors of orange, blue or red. These colors enable them to blend well with different textured and patterned fabrics such as crepe paper, shag, velvet, and terra cotta tile. You can find them in modern and traditional styles. They are made from 100% cotton wool and are not dyed, bleached or painted.

The Moroccans originally used the moroccan weaving technique to make rugs, but due to certain environmental restrictions the moroccan craftsmen have turned to using synthetic materials instead. The rugs are made from a special form yarn made from the wool of domestic sheep and these rugs are called moroccan rugs. The fibers that are derived from sheep wool are woven together to form a durable material that has high absorbing and air permeability properties. Due to this property of the fibers the rugs can retain its shape for a long period of time even under extremely dry conditions.

Some of the common designs of the moroccan rugs include animal prints and patterns. You will also come across some unique designs that are composed of geometric shapes. These patterns usually consist of basic geometrical figures like squares, hexagons, ovals, rectangles and octagons. Some of the most prominent and important symbols used in the embroidery designs include some religious motifs like Allah, some forms of Arabic lettering, the symbol of Islam and finally some of the symbols of Christianity and Judaic. The unique designs and patterns of the azilal rugs not only provide protection against the adverse elements (sun, rain, dust) but also convey a message of beauty, simplicity, elegance and sophistication.

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