All moroccan rugs and carpets

Everyone knows a beautiful Moroccan rug is the foolproof method to jazz up a dull room. The texture and subtle color of a Beni Ourain pattern floor covering radiates warmth and never seems too shaggy, and the shades range from a perfectly manageable coolness to vibrant electric hues which you'd never think to work in a house but perfectly do. Moroccan rugs are made by weaving strips of wool over a base of pile which has been dyed a variety of rich tones of ocher, silk, jute, or synthetic fibers.

Colors ranging from bright, rich orange to cool maroon and charcoal will give your room a distinctive look, and they're generally quite easy to obtain. As a rule Moroccan rugs can be found in solid colors of animal hair; however, they also come in plush patterns and designs that are far more exciting. You can select from hundreds of exciting moroccan patterns and hand-sewn textures, with the luxurious look of a traditional rug woven from 100% wool. In addition to rugs, there are a number of bedspreads, throws, shawls, cushions, and wall tapestries to enhance your room's look. To add even more visual interest, one could hang an abstract oil painting on one wall or hang an over-sized painting on the wall opposite one's Moroccan rug. Just make sure your paint doesn't show!

One of the most popular geometric rug styles used in Morocco is the boucherouite. Boucherieres are woven wool mats that contain different colors of yarn arranged in geometric shapes, and they can be used as wall-hangings or as tapestries. A boucherie is available in single-colored squares or multi-colored stripes, and they are often cut to show off their unique shape. The wool inside the squares is harvested from sheep that are fed natural organic dyes; therefore, you'll often find pink, orange, purple, and green colors mixed in the wool that adds to the beauty of the design.

Most Moroccan rugs and other textile products are handmade by expert weavers. These skilled artisans are able to produce high-quality results using only the highest quality wool and color-fast glues. Because each rug or cloth has a unique weaving pattern, it's important to choose an authentic weaver from any market that sells Moroccan rugs. Not all brokers sell substandard products. Here are a few tips for choosing a good, reliable dealer:

o If you want an authentic Beni Ourain rug, be sure to search for a company that is licensed to operate in Morocco. A licensed salon or furniture maker will be able to provide you with a high-quality product that is not only durable but stylish as well. You can visit Moroccan decorator's websites to find out more about a salon in Morocco where you can buy an azil tile, or atlas mountains weavings. There are several online stores that sell everything you need to furnish your home.

o When shopping for a moroccan style rug, try to look for one that uses a neutral tone in its fabric. This helps you achieve a specific effect and brings out the texture and beauty of the carpeting. For example, the vibrant colors of the azil tiles used in the Beni Ourain rug may seem to contrast with the softer shades of the weavings, but a neutral color like brown will work equally well. The best sellers in Morocco tend to use a neutral tone in their materials as well as the colors and patterns used in the production. This ensures that buyers get the best of both worlds when they purchase a moroccan style rug in Morocco.