Beni Ourain Rugs

We carry Authentic Beni ourain rugs ,  Nothing can be better in winters then stepping on a warm floor that brings comfort . Handmade Beni ouarain rugs imported from Morocco. With all the carpets, rugs, pillows, and additional Bedouin treasures we carry, let our house reflect the look of your home. The quality and authenticity of our products is second to none. Take a look at the many styles, colors and textures that will give your home, apartment or office the modern look you deserve. Inspired by the beauty of the Atlas Mountains, flat woven tribal carpets and ethnic Bohemian rugs are some of the options you can choose from. All our products are handmade and inspired by the cultural influences of the Kingdom of Morocco. All the beautiful options are just a click away. Take advantage of our website to browse and shop for you and your loved ones. The holiday season here, and our products offer unique gifts that not only satisfy the eye, but also a wonderful conversation. Our carpets are practical, but they are also works of art in themselves. You can't go wrong with Beni ourain rugs, so don't hesitate more and highlight your home with the original handmade Moroccan rugs.  

One of the most famous characteristics of beni ourain rugs is their sincerity and irregular design. This is a reflection of the nomadic life of the women who weave them. As such, these rugs are also known as handicrafts, and are renowned for their beauty and uniqueness. A beni ourain rug can make a bold and stylish statement when placed against an otherwise plain and boring wallpaper.

A beni ourain rug is a great addition to any home, as it features geometric designs that are difficult to duplicate. The weaving is complex, with dark brown shapes and lines arranged on a light or creamy background. The weaving process is a long one, but the finished product is a work of art that will enhance the decor of any room. Although it's hard to imagine a traditional Berber home without a beni ourain rug, it's still a wonderful choice for any room.

Whether you're searching for a vintage beni ourain rug or a brand new one, you'll find it to be an attractive and stylish addition to your home. In fact, many contemporary homes are starting to use this style, with its neutral colors and geometric patterns.