Wedding blanket

Enjoy this stunningly lovely, tribal, and sublime Moroccan wedding blanket, or handira. Berber wedding blankets were woven with the aid of the bride's female loved ones. After the wedding ceremony, the bride wore the blanket tied round her neck as a cape. A combination of its contrasting darkish stripes combined with the white background makes it suitable for use as mattress throws, couch blankets, rugs or wall art

A Moroccan wedding ceremony blanket is an absolute necessity for any couple going to a Moroccan wedding ceremony. For centuries, a Moroccan wedding blanket has symbolized the wedding of two people in traditional Moroccan subculture. Traditionally, a Berber wedding ceremony blanket was hand-woven with the aid of the bride's mother in the course of the marriage ceremony. The blanket was then tied round her waist as a sash after the marriage ceremony.