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Mauritanian hassira mat

African tuareg mat 5x6 Nomad Vintage Mauritanian hassira

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The elegance and beauty of the Tuareg peoples, their dress and exquisite ornament, their large white riding camels, their refined song, speech and dance - all have been subjects of rhapsodic descriptions. Spectacular Tuareg reed and camel leather mats are indispensable features of nomadic lifestyle. Made to withstand the harshest climatic conditions of nomadic life, these mats are incredibly durable and practical. Being a part of nomadic architecture, namely tents, they can be easily moved, stored, washed and cleaned. Used as floor covering to protect from dust, sand, water and col, they serve faithfully throughout life of generations, projecting a Tuareg 'mystique' to their owners.

The unprecedented esthetic appeal of the mats alludes to numerous ancient beliefs, from fertility and childbirth to astronomic knowledge and metaphysical truths.

The ornament of this mat can be viewed as a “map of life” with its crosses representing the unity of the earthly and heavenly life, human-like figures, and astrological symbols.

Dimensions : 161 cm x 199 cm = 5.2 ft x 6.5 ft

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