Burgundy Lovely Warm Red Leather Pouf
Burgundy Lovely Warm Red Leather Pouf
Burgundy Lovely Warm Red Leather Pouf
Burgundy Lovely Warm Red Leather Pouf

Burgundy Lovely Warm Red Leather Pouf

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Inside our homes, we often wish for calmness, tenderness and warmth. Our selection for colors for the walls also searches for something which will give a vibration of peace and softness inside the house. And talking about calmness and tenderness, the most lovable and beautiful color is burgundy of wine red.
This beautiful color has a great energy and delightful vibrations which spread calmness and peace all around in the surroundings. So, here come the most wonderful Moroccan poufs in burgundy color, handmade and stitched in the traditional ottoman style.
From ottoman rugs, to show pieces in bohemian style, all have always been peoples favourite for decoration purpose. Leather ottoman poufs also act as lovely decorative pillows and also as comfortable Berber cushions with their softness.
This classic pillow also makes a delightful footstool. With sofa in the drawing room, with the mattress as a floor pillow, or with the bed as a bed pillow in all the cases this beautiful pillow make a wonderful combination.
The shape of this pillow is round with a size of 20’’/11.5H which enhances the style and decoration for home and living. This beautiful pillow comes without any stuffing leaving it for the users to do the stuffing the way they like.
Because of this feature, this beautiful tribal pillow also serves as a useful item for travelling by being a comfortable cushion while sleeping, and to keep the stuff inside with the help of the zipper. This is a remarkable quality of this beautiful Moroccan pouffe, which is why one should definitely have it.
Our store has some of the most beautiful and phenomenal poufs, in varied style made from best quality materials by the real artists of Morocco. So, order now and enhance the glory of your house with these beautiful Berber cushions.


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Dimensions :  ~ 97 cm Length x  51 cm Width x 25 h =  ~ 38” Length x 20” width x 10” high

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