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Custom handmade berebr rug - Checkered moroccan carpet

Custom handmade berebr rug - Checkered moroccan carpet

Custom handmade berebr rug - Checkered moroccan carpet

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A handmade Moroccan rug with a checkered pattern will add a unique look to any home. Made from wool from the sheep that live in the Atlas Mountains and in other tribes , these rugs combine contemporary and traditional patterns to create a stunning and comfortable space. They work well in almost any type of decor and will blend in with a variety of styles. A great example of this kind of rug is the Moroccan Royal Brown-White Checkered area carpet, which is renowned for its natural colors and low pile. These rugs are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and offices

A Moroccan rug checkered is one of the best ways to add warmth and texture to a room. Its subtle patterns and intricate design will add a special touch to any room. These rugs can be used in any room in the home, and will look beautiful with just about any decor. Their subtle patterns and symbolism will add a sense of luxury to any room. Whether you're looking to warm up your living space with a calming and elegant rug, these rugs are an ideal choice for any room.

An original Beni Ourain rug ckeckered is hand loomed in Morocco out of genuine high quality 100% woolen pile. It is not just the simple pattern on a Beni Ourain rug that is so impressive, it is also the texture: soft white and brown wool selected for it creates an incredibly plush rug. The choice of basic colors and a simple checkered pattern make this rug versatile: it will look cozy and stylish in any space and in any style of home be it traditional, bohemian or modern.

We are committed to make this Moroccan brown rug for you by using genuine Moroccan lambs wool; professional Moroccan adult women artists will be working on your order.

REF#  TAR412-P11

5x6 = ~ 3 weeks               5x8 = ~ 4 weeks

6x8 = ~ 4 weeks               7x9 = ~ 4 weeks

7x10 = ~ 4 weeks             8x8 = ~ 4 weeks

10x10 = ~ 5 weeks       12x12 = ~ 5 weeks

8x10 = ~ 4 weeks           8x11 = ~ 4 weeks

9x12 = ~ 5 weeks         10x12 = ~ 5 weeks

10 x14 = ~ 6 weeks      10x16 = ~ 6 weeks

12x14 = ~ 6 weeks       12x16 = ~ 7 weeks

13x16 = ~ 8 weeks       13x18 = ~ 8 weeks

14x16 = ~ 8 weeks       14x18 = ~ 9 weeks

14x20 = ~ 9 weeks

Type :Handmade berber Moroccan Rug

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