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Moroccan Berber Rug Blue - Wool Beni Ourain Rug - Custom Rug

Moroccan Berber Rug Blue - Wool Beni Ourain Rug - Custom Rug

Moroccan Berber Rug Blue - Wool Beni Ourain Rug - Custom Rug

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This rustic, classic Beni Ourain rug will decorate any interior, be it minimalistic, bohemian or ethnic. A combination of colors, texture and design create a magnificent artwork that can fill your living space with a special human warmth, charming ambiance and exotic touch of North Africa. It can form a neutral base for the vivid design of wall paper and furniture. Try it in your library or the study, on the wall or a floor, as a sofa or bed covering.

We are committed to make this Moroccan rug for you by using genuine Moroccan lambs wool; professional Moroccan adult women artists will be working on your order.



The benefits of Moroccan rug blue are many. This color represents a peaceful atmosphere and safety. It also represents the sky and the depths of the ocean. It is the color of inspiration and sensitivity. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for your home. This color is associated with calmness and peace. It provides a sense of peace. It is a good choice for any room, especially for a living room or bedroom.

Because of its importance, rugs of this color are often in shades of blue. Here are some tips for choosing a Moroccan rug in blue: Keep in mind that a Moroccan rug can come in different colors, including shades of the same color. It may be difficult to trace the exact origin of the carpet, but the Amazigh people used it in their decoration.

You can choose from various colors and styles when buying a Moroccan rug. Blue is the color of royalty and elegance and will give your room a royal oriental style. It is important to note that blue and white rugs complement most themes and colors. Whether you have a modern or traditional decor, a Moroccan rug will add elegance to your home. It is an excellent choice for a living room, bedroom, or hallway.

5x6 = ~ 3 weeks               5x8 = ~ 4 weeks

6x8 = ~ 4 weeks               7x9 = ~ 4 weeks

7x10 = ~ 4 weeks             8x8 = ~ 4 weeks

10x10 = ~ 5 weeks       12x12 = ~ 5 weeks

8x10 = ~ 4 weeks           8x11 = ~ 4 weeks

9x12 = ~ 5 weeks         10x12 = ~ 5 weeks

10 x14 = ~ 6 weeks      10x16 = ~ 6 weeks

12x14 = ~ 6 weeks       12x16 = ~ 7 weeks

13x16 = ~ 8 weeks       13x18 = ~ 8 weeks

14x16 = ~ 8 weeks       14x18 = ~ 9 weeks

14x20 = ~ 9 weeks


Type: Handmade berber Moroccan Rug

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