Gary & Maroon Traditional Moroccan Cape
Gary & Maroon Traditional Moroccan Cape
Gary & Maroon Traditional Moroccan Cape
Gary & Maroon Traditional Moroccan Cape

Gary & Maroon Traditional Moroccan Cape

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Moroccan capes form an important part of Moroccan tradition, art, and culture. It is not only a piece of cloth to cover the body but also a custom that is being continued for centuries and mark the classic art and talent of their country.

 So, here comes this phenomenal Moroccan cape stitched and woven in traditional Moroccan style and which is completely handmade. This is a vintage cape which was stitched by Moroccan women a few years ago and is still preserved at our stores with all its authenticity consummated.

 This old cape is completely made of 100% genuine wool. The best quality wool fibers that come from the Atlas Mountains which are completely pure in quality and class are used in making this traditional cape.

 After this natural maroon and gray colors are used for dying purpose. The embroidery and designing are also done in traditional Moroccan way and has a great meaning embraced with it. The symbols that are embroidered on this beautiful selham depict peace and positivity.

 This cape thus introduces the idea of wrapping oneself with complete peace and positivity forgetting all the negative and distracting thoughts of the world. This magical and wonderful Moroccan cape will take one to the land of peace and positivity where there is no room for sadness or discomfort.

 Hence, with this a little change from outside this beautiful cape will make one happy and peaceful from inside.

 It is thus always a splendid honor and joy to wear this traditional and magnificent cape. At our exclusive store, this traditional Moroccan selham is available at very affordable prices also with a delivery service. Hence, sitting in any corner of the world you could get the joy and honor of wearing this vintage cape. So, hurry up and order now.

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Old moroccan wool cape from Michael on Vimeo.


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