Royal Black & Red Vintage Selham
Royal Black & Red Vintage Selham
Royal Black & Red Vintage Selham
Royal Black & Red Vintage Selham

Royal Black & Red Vintage Selham

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For enjoying the traditional look and get the pleasure of wearing old and authentic it is always good to go a little bit royal and try out the outfits that take one to immense pleasure and royalty. And so is this beautiful vintage Moroccan cape that will give one immense pleasure and joy with its comforting fiber and royal look.

Morocco has always been famous for its distinct art and amazing quality. And from the Medina in Morocco here comes this mesmerizing and beautiful cape that is made from the purest quality wool find in Morocco. This wool imparts extreme softness wrapping a person in a spellbound comfort.

Also the classic combination of red and black with the symbols and embroidery so beautiful this beautiful old cape is a royal package in itself to wear. The cape all around is embroidered with a combination of bright yellow and orange in a zig-zag pattern that appears as a golden touch on the pure black offering an eye-catchy beauty. 

Not only this, the different artists in the center of red is also another highlight of this selham that further enhances the beauty and the class of this cape. These symbols have a deep meaning in Moroccan culture and mostly stand for happiness and positivity.

This is a handmade cape which has the art and hard work of Moroccan women who have put in all their efforts to design this wonderful masterpiece. This berber cape would certainly be one of the most amazing things one has worn.

Hence, whom are you waiting for? It’s time to get traditional with a little Moroccan touch with this phenomenal akhnif cape. So, hurry up and order one of these from the beautiful collection available at our stores and enjoy the royal look in Moroccan style.

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Fabulous old moroccan cape from Michael on Vimeo.

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